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How to set up Online Voucher Sales in Kitomba

18 Jul 2018 by Kitomba

Online Voucher Sales are available for single site salons, spas and clinics with Kitomba Online Booking. Online Voucher Sales allows your clients to purchase gift vouchers via Online Booking, your website, social media channels, emails or text messages! 

Follow these quick steps to start selling vouchers online now: 

1. Visit ‘Deposits & vouchers’

Log into Kitomba 1 and visit your Online Booking settings. There you’ll find ‘Deposits & vouchers’.

Deposits and vouchers in Kitomba 1


2. Connect to PayPal

If you haven’t already, connect to PayPal. You’ll need a business account to do this.

3. Set up your vouchers

Click ‘Edit’ and:

  1. Select ‘Yes’ to sell vouchers online.
  2. Add an expiry date (optional), e.g. 12 months. Note: Ensure your expiry date meets any legal requirements of your area.
  3. Choose whether or not to show your Online Booking banner on your vouchers.
  4. If you’d like to, include additional information like terms and conditions on your vouchers.

Tip! We’ve designed online vouchers so they’ll reflect your Online Booking site. You can choose to use your Online Booking banner (see above) and we’ll automatically use your selected Online Booking brand colour too.

Voucher settings












4. Preview your online voucher

There’s a preview function so you can adjust your voucher settings and preview it to make sure you’re happy with the design.

Voucher preview















5. Promote online vouchers  

This is the most important step! You’ll need to promote your online gift vouchers so your clients will know you sell them.

There are a number of ways to promote your vouchers and we recommend doing all of these:

Online Booking

We automatically add a ‘Buy voucher’ button to your Online Booking site.

Online Booking


Your website, social media, emails and texts

To promote your online vouchers via other channels, you’ll need to use your online vouchers website address. You can find it on the ‘Deposits & vouchers’ settings page:

Vouchers online address


Simply copy and paste it wherever you’d like to use it. Here are some easy ways to promote your online vouchers:

  • Add a ‘Buy voucher’ button to your website.
  • Send an email campaign to your clients letting them know you now sell online vouchers. Include a ‘Buy voucher’ button in your brand colour so it really stands out.
  • Launch your vouchers on social media and include the website address so they know where to go to purchase one.
  • Create a text message campaign promoting your vouchers.

For help promoting your gift vouchers online, visit our support guide.

6. Your clients can purchase vouchers online

When your clients want to buy a voucher online, they’ll just need to fill in the information below:

Buy voucher modal















Tip! When your clients buy a voucher online and they’re:

  • Logged into Online Booking, they’ll have the option to add the recipient’s name.
  • Not logged into Online Booking, they’ll be required to add the recipient’s name.

So if the recipient doesn’t have a copy of their voucher, you can search for it using the buyers’ or recipients’ name using these reports:

  • In Kitomba, run the Voucher Trace Report.
  • In Kitomba One, visit Vouchers in the Products & Services tab and use the search function.

7. Report on online vouchers

There are a couple of Kitomba 1 reports available to track online vouchers:

  • Vouchers sold and redeemed
  • Vouchers with a remaining balance

The Business Summary also includes redeemed vouchers in the total sales figure.

Need help getting started? Visit our support guide.

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  1. Great feature! Loving the online vouchers!

    When someone is given a voucher and they book online does the deposit come out of the voucher or are they required to pay extra?

    • Hi Adrian,
      We’re glad you’re loving Online Vouchers! Online booking deposits can only be paid with PayPal so the deposit won’t come out of the voucher, they will need to pay the deposit separately.

  2. This would be great if you could also buy vouchers for services and packages (not just amounts). It is rare to sell a voucher for an amount in a day spa environment – people like to give a thoughtful selected “service” gift.

    Right now we’ll need to stay with our current third party solution. Look forward to hopefully seeing this feature added soon (with the option to only sell vouchers for selected services and packages).

    Thanks team :)

  3. Hi there,

    I LOVE the idea but not a PayPal fan. In the future will you be looking at other options other than PayPal?

    Also as Victoria Fox commented, It would be great to have either a $ amont Voucher OR for a specific service or range of services. As Salon/Spa services with amounts next to it are already all set-up in on-line booking system, shouldn’t be too difficult for your IT Whizz Team to develop this :)

    Thanks Kitomba for all the wonderful add-on’s :)

  4. Love the idea of online payment for deposits and vouchers however I`m not a big fan of Paypal, do clients need to have a Paypal account or is there an option for them to bypass having an actual account and just pay via credit/debit card but while using the paypal site? Hope this make sense

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