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Motivation is not the goal: small steps and smart projections

30 Apr 2024 by Salon Rising

So, you’ve got goals right? You’re just waiting for the motivation to start them? Discover how using momentum over motivation can simplify your path to success. And how using the right tools can make achieving your salon’s goals feel effortless.

Start small. Think big.

Waiting for that burst to start tackling your big goals can be like waiting for an Uber after a music festival. Odds are, it ain’t coming. Don’t set yourself up to feel like a failure. Instead, focus on building MOMENTUM rather than waiting for MOTIVATION.

Waiting for motivation is a trap, friends! It’s hard to come by and fleeting when it comes. Each day brings the opportunity for small, manageable actions. These small actions are micro-moments of success, which build—drum roll please—MOMENTUM. You are paving the way to bigger achievements.

In the words of the great and hilarious Jimmy Carr. What’s one thing you can do today that will make you grateful tomorrow? Those tiny, daily steps are what propel us forward. That one little thing that’s taking up space in your head—do that! Rather than looking at ALL the little things as one BIG thing that’s too much to cope with.

So, what can this look like for your business? Reply to that email you’ve been putting off or pay one invoice you know is sitting there. These actions build momentum and drive you toward your larger goals. So, what’s the small step you’ll take today?

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Make goals attainable with Kitomba’s projections

This same principle applies when it comes to the goals of your business and your team. We all know what it’s like to look at a target and think, “There’s no way I can reach that”. But if you knew that you just needed to take small steps each day to achieve that goal. That, my friends, is empowering.

This is where Kitomba’s projections function within its Targets feature is so valuable. Think of it as a crystal ball. It offers a glimpse of potential earnings based on your current bookings. It’s not just a set of numbers, it’s a jumping-off point for further action. 

Say your aim is $1,000 in a day, but projections show $800 based on existing bookings. This is your cue to think creatively. By enhancing each client’s visit, that $1000 target shifts from daunting to doable.

Engaging with your business goals isn’t just about hitting targets. Fostering a culture where you and your team feel like your goals are achievable has such a powerful flow-on effect. Create a vibrant, lively salon that inspires your team, where your clients are thrilled with their experiences.

Creating a culture that encourages growth and achievement for all is such a great foundation to build your business on. If you’d like to know more about how we can support you to build a culture that fosters this and so much more, check out Culture Rising here.

Use Kitomba’s amazing tools! They can support you and your team to steer your business towards sustainable growth. Learn more about how to set up Kitomba Targets here.

Remember, it’s about momentum. Start with small steps. Use strategic insights. See your daily wins quickly add up to big successes. You have Kitomba, you have the tools. This makes it easier to navigate the path to your goals. 

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Practical tips to turn insights into action

1. Daily reflection and action journaling

  • Start your day off right: The first things you do when you wake up in the morning will set the tone for the rest of your day. So, use that time wisely. What do most people do when they wake up? They pick up their phone. Straight off the bat they have started their day with distraction. That’s Dis-Traction! As in, you just lost the traction of your day.
  • Can you set yourself up with a morning routine that will leave you well-resourced for the day ahead? Start small, don’t try and jump from nothing to an hour-long meditation each morning. You are not going to sustain that! Think of things like –
  • Sunlight
  • Steps
  • Water
  • Anything small thing that will start your day with a pep in your step.
  • Check out our podcast with Ange from Mind your Grit here. We discuss the importance of keeping yourself well-resourced so you can thrive.

2. Make the most of Kitomba

  • Weekly check-ins: Block out some time each week to review your Kitomba projections. It’s your own weekly strategy session to refine and adjust as needed.
  • Staff check-ins: Make sure you’re sharing projections with your staff, so they know what to strive for. Empower your team to take ownership of their goals.

3. Track and celebrate achievements

  • Keep a visual goal tracker: Place a goal tracker in a common area. We’re a visual industry, we like to SEE things, and this is how we can track and create that momentum. It’s a great reminder of what you’re all working towards and seeing that momentum will build MOTIVATION.
  • Celebrate the little victories. Whenever you hit a target, be sure to celebrate. That could be with a small treat or a quick team shout-out. It’s important to recognise those wins.

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Finally, you need to get clear on what your goals are! 

Every goal needs a why behind it that’s more than just surface level.

What does this mean? Well, for example. If you’re telling me that you want a Ferrari because it will make you LOOK successful – that friend is surface! But if you tell me, it’s your big goal because it’s something you’ve always dreamed of. That you loved Ferrari’s as a child, and you used to go to car shows with your dad. That you’ve dreamed of the day you would drive in one together. Well, then that is a goal with a why. Don’t get me wrong, that is a big goal to aim for. And boy are we going to need to break down some smaller achievable momentum goals to get there. But if your goal has a WHY then you will STRIVE.

We have a great blog on goals and vision boards over at, you can check it out here.

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