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The how-to guide for increasing prices in your salon

5 Oct 2022 by Kitomba

Let’s talk price increases. A controversial and almost taboo topic, raising prices in your salon, spa or clinic can be a scary thing to do. Discussing anything financial is an uncomfortable topic for most people, even more so when the price you’re setting is for a service! However as with all businesses looking to establish themselves for the long term, it’s a necessary part of your business plan, and should be incorporated as such on a regular basis.

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Fill last-minute cancellations with Kitomba Waitlist

4 Oct 2022 by Kitomba

As the busiest time for the hair and beauty industry approaches, you might have started running into the problem of receiving more appointment requests than your appointment book can fit! 

While it’s certainly a nice problem to have, sometimes illness or other events outside of your clients’ control can mean they have to cancel, or postpone their appointments at the last minute. 

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A beauty therapist performing a beauty treatment on a client.

Proven ways to grow your business in the hair and beauty industry

27 Sep 2022 by Kitomba

We don’t know many salons who aren’t continuously looking for ways to grow their business. So we’ve put together data from Kitomba Benchmark, along with advice from industry professionals, to give you an idea on key areas where incremental improvements will ensure long-term success for your salon, spa or beauty clinic. Kitomba Benchmark is a feature of Kitomba Salon and Spa Software that compiles and compares anonymous data from across the hair and beauty industries.

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Motivate your team feature

How to motivate and inspire your team for success

21 Sep 2022 by Kitomba

Your salon team is one of the most valuable parts of your business. They are the face of your brand and their success is equal to your success. With strong competition between businesses in the hair and beauty industry, it’s more important than ever to be standing out from the crowds! 

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Incentivising feature

How incentivising your staff targets will help grow your business

19 Sep 2022 by Kitomba

Setting targets both for your salon team individually and your business as a whole can be a great way to motivate your team to strive for great results. What can make these targets perform even better in your salon, spa or clinic is the introduction of incentives to drive your team towards further success.

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Introducing your team to targets

How to introduce targets to your salon team for rapid growth

14 Sep 2022 by Kitomba

Knowing how and where to start with introducing your staff to targets can be really overwhelming. Staff may feel pressured by the thought of them, which can lead to disgruntled, stressed or unsatisfied team members. 

We understand how daunting introducing targets can be for you as a business owner, or manager, so we’ve compiled our top tips on ensuring staff targets are introduced effectively for optimal results in your salon, spa, or clinic.

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setting targets in kitomba

Small, achievable, sequential steps to success: Paul Carbis on setting salon targets.

9 Sep 2022 by Kitomba

We sat down with well renowned salon business management coach and beauty therapist Paul Carbis, to chat about using targets to help grow your business, the importance of setting targets correctly, and how the correct implementation can not only grow your business by increasing profit, but also help staff engagement and retention. 

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Blog 680 x400 success story true Grit

Customer success story: True Grit

8 Sep 2022 by Kitomba

We sat down with Jacqui Victor, owner of True Grit in Christchurch, New Zealand, to talk about her salon team and the importance of training and supporting her staff to be the best hairstylists they can be.

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Setting targets for your team

How to set targets for your salon, spa or clinic

2 Sep 2022 by Kitomba

Targets are a key component of a profitable and successful business. They motivate and focus your team to achieve goals that can grow your salon, spa or clinic and drive more revenue.

However, if you’re finding setting targets difficult to get your head around, this short guide to targets will demystify service and retail targets and help you get started!

Here we cover all your burning questions about setting sales targets in the hair and beauty industry, as well as what you need to think about when setting targets for your team.

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kitomba loyalty feature

Getting started with Kitomba’s Loyalty programme

1 Sep 2022 by Kitomba

The importance of client retention and creating loyalty is more important than ever, especially in an industry such as hair and beauty which is highly competitive. Salon loyalty programmes are a simple way to improve this and can be easy to implement, yet incredibly effective.

Here we expand on why client loyalty matters to your salon, spa or clinic, and how Kitomba Loyalty can help accomplish this. 

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