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4 reasons to try Kitomba’s Vish integration for colour management

28 Jun 2024 by Kitomba

Wondering what Vish colour management software does and why it’s worth introducing in your salon?

In short, Kitomba’s integration with Vish helps to protect your colour profit from being poured down the drain from colour wastage. Plus, it helps your salon to become more sustainable.


By using Bluetooth scales, Vish simplifies formula tracking, reduces colour waste and ensures your clients are being charged for extra product used.

Intrigued? Here are four great reasons to try our Vish integration today.


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1. Increase your salon’s profitability

Did you know that on average 15% of colour revenue vanishes due to unrecorded incremental charges and additional services? That’s according to data provided by Vish, which means a lot of revenue is being left on the table for salons! 

Vish allows you to accurately record your extra product usage against each client, allowing salons to capture the dollar amount and bill clients accurately. 

This is helpful when salons get busy and extra toners or other mixed services may need to be remembered, but end up being forgotten by busy staff. Vish will accurately track all product usage and send this information to the front desk, enabling the client to be correctly billed without having to rely on human memory for what products were mixed for what client.

This precision in measuring colour usage allows salons to track expenses accurately and make informed decisions about pricing and inventory management.

Overall, this boosts salon revenue, with some salons seeing over $2,000 in additional income solely from extra product charges. With these benefits, Vish often pays for itself within 60 to 90 days of use. 

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2. Become a more sustainable salon

When introducing Vish into your salon you’re committing to new sustainable practices, like reweighing leftover colour after each service for more accurate mixing the next time a client visits. 

For example, after a service has been finished stylists reweigh the colour bowl with the leftover colour, which Vish then records to ensure accurate measurements for when the client next visits. This “Reweight” feature eliminates traditional practices where excess colour is often discarded, leading to unnecessary waste. 

By adjusting formulas accordingly, the Reweight feature benefits the environment and boosts salon profitability by reducing product wastage by up to 80%!

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3. Streamline colour note collection 

Stylists don’t need to worry about writing down colour notes during mixing with Vish.  Vish streamlines the colour note collection process by automatically recording your formula usage.

This way, staff know to the gram how much of what products were used on their client’s hair, then when their client returns, their colour history is readily available in their appointment details in Kitomba

This helps busy stylists do what they do best and ensures consistent and accurate formula tracking for every client visit.

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4. Provide a better client experience 

Stylists particularly love the Vish “Mix More” feature, as it calculates ratios for complex colour mixes, making it effortless to recreate the same colour in smaller quantities. 

This feature saves time and reduces the risk of errors, allowing stylists to focus on delivering excellent results without hesitation.

Unlike traditional methods where stylists may hesitate to charge certain amounts for small product increments, Vish calculates the precise cost of extra product usage, ensuring fair and consistent charges. This helps your staff feel empowered to charge clients because they no longer have to work out the extra charges by themselves.

Ready to get started with Kitomba’s Vish integration?

To learn more, book a time with the team at Vish through the link below. They’ll talk you through everything you need to know and then work with us to get you set up.

*All data in this article has been provided by Vish.

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