NEW! Online Booking Payments

13 Feb 2017 by Kitomba

We’ve been crunching the numbers on 10 million Client Bookings and found out some pretty cool stuff.

On average, Kitomba customers with Online Booking take 10% of all their appointments online, that’s 56 client Online Bookings every month, or almost $50,000 a year.* That’s a great boost to any business! Continue reading…

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2016 at Kitomba

31 Jan 2017 by Kitomba

In 2016 9.6 million appointments were made in Kitomba and we helped our customers look after 2.5 million clients. Our support team of 20 people spent over 310,000 minutes helping and assisting our customers on the phone, answered almost 9,500 emails and we’re excited to have answered 1,100 web chats – a new feature released at the end of last year. Continue reading…

How to measure the success of your business

How to measure the success of your business

8 Dec 2016 by Alyssa McArley

Do you know how successful your business is? How do you measure that success? In reality there are probably few businesses that have a solid, measured approach to determining their success. Sure healthy revenue and breaking even are a helpful guide, but how can you tell that your business is really working, that it’s truly successful? Continue reading…

New look for Kitomba!

17 Nov 2016 by Kitomba

For the past few months our team has been working on some really exciting Kitomba changes. Despite the recent New Zealand earthquake and not being able to safely access the Wellington office, our development and test teams have been working from their homes to complete the latest Kitomba release for you.

So over the next few weeks, you’re going to notice some pretty major differences in Kitomba! Continue reading…

comparing your business to competition

Comparing your business to competitors

10 Nov 2016 by Kitomba

As a business owner it’s important to have your fingers firmly on the pulse of your own business, and what’s going on around you, especially in such a competitive industry. It’s useful to keep an eye on your competitors. Your competition can help you make informed decisions, and you can learn from them what works and what doesn’t. But don’t fall into the trap of worrying about every little step they take – it will drive you mad! You need to take a considered approach. Continue reading…

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New Kitomba One Security is here!

7 Nov 2016 by Kitomba

Kitomba One Security is here! So we want to give you the low-down on our latest feature release. We’ve been working on redesigning our security system to make it easier to use, simple to manage users, and make it better for everyone using Kitomba One. Continue reading…