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Kitomba has integrated with Vish Colour Management Software

25 Jun 2024 by Kitomba

We’ve launched a new integration with Vish to help you make more money from your colour services, reduce waste, and simplify formula tracking for your team.

Designed to simplify your colour management, Vish is a leading salon colour management software solution that combines a smart Bluetooth scale with sophisticated algorithms driven through your Kitomba software for accurate formula tracking and inventory management.

Say goodbye to guesswork and waste, and hello to guaranteed profits with Kitomba’s Vish integration.

The benefits:

  • Maximise revenue: Control overspending on wasted products and help boost revenue by up to 15% in the first month, and upwards of 40% over time.
  • Streamline operations: Your Kitomba Appointment Book will integrate with the Vish app, automatically populating colour clients’ details and notes. 
  • Precise colour mixing: Measure and store colour formulas down to a tenth of a gram, eliminating any margin for error.

Kitomba’s Vish integration is available for all customers. Not yet a customer? Book a demo with us. 

salon mixing colour bowls

How does Vish work?

Select a client and start mixing

Open up a client’s appointment on the Vish app and mix their formula over Bluetooth scales, either from scratch or stored history. 

Reweigh your mixing bowl 

To ensure the formula is more exact the next time, reweigh the colour bowl after an appointment. Vish will subtract leftovers for precise history, dropping waste to almost zero.

Capture colour revenue and charge correctly

The exact colour usage and prices are then sent from the colour bar to the front desk, capturing 100% of the services performed and products used so that you can adjust your pricing accordingly. 

Track, refine and maximise revenue

View all colour-collected data to help manage inventory, educate employees, set correct prices, minimise waste and maximise your profits. 

What’s the investment?

Vish offers a product that puts the control back in your hands, ensuring you see a return on investment and sustainable salon success. 

Pay a rolling monthly subscription fee based on your salon size. View Vish pricing here.

vish quote

Ready to get started?

To learn more, book a time with the team at Vish through the link below. They’ll talk you through everything you need to know and then work with us to get you set up.

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