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Coming soon: Appointment Book updates in Kitomba 1

8 Jul 2024 by Kitomba

The Appointment Book in Kitomba 1 is getting a makeover! With a fresh new look, new service-based colours, icons, a rebooking prompt and better mobile optimisation for using on the go, it’ll be easier than ever to keep on top of your appointments.  

Here’s a sneak peek at what your new Appointment Book in Kitomba 1 will look like: 

salon appointment book

When will I receive this update?

We understand how important your appointment book is to your business, so we’ll be updating all our customers’ software slowly over the next little while — if your Appointment Book hasn’t been updated yet don’t worry, it will be soon!

You’ll receive a message from us before and immediately after we update your appointment book to let you know when the changes have been made.  

The Appointment Book in Kitomba 1 is available to Platinum and Diamond customers.

What’s changing with the Appointment Book in Kitomba 1? 

Service-based colours 

Appointments are organised by status colour by default, but you can choose to switch to service-based colours instead.

This enables your team to identify services at a glance and gives you the freedom to personalise your appointment book. For example, Haircut & Style (blue), Colour (pink) and Waxing (green). The choice is yours! 

To change your colour settings, visit the Business details page under Settings in Kitomba. View our support guide on how to set service-based colours.

Requested staff icon

Know who your clients want to see at a glance with the new requested staff member icon. When selected, this confirms the staff member has been requested by a client, ensuring you honour their request and loyalty. 

Manually select the requested checkbox against services so your team can see the staff member a client has requested to see. 

The alert icon 

Any existing and custom-made client attribute alerts created in Kitomba are now visible and editable in the Appointment Book in Kitomba 1 under the caution icon. This allows your team to easily see if there are any warnings and check important information regarding a client such as “allergic to tea tree” or “has lots of hair, allow more time for processing”. 

Do you have more than one business location? You can now view and edit attributes, such as the caution icon, in the Kitomba 1 Appointment Book for clients who visit more than one of your locations.

Rebooking prompt

Lock in future revenue and increase your rebooking rate by activating a rebooking reminder for your team after a sale. With useful information about the client displayed, such as any future bookings and their average visit rate, you can ensure your team doesn’t miss an opportunity to secure future business and keep your clients coming back. 

Appointment icons key 

Unsure what the icons in your Appointment Book mean? No problem! The appointment key at the top right-hand side of the Appointment Book acts as a quick reminder. Icons include appointment status, message reminders, rooms and equipment, and other important appointment-related information. 

Two viewing modes

The Appointment Book offers two viewing modes to suit your business size and preference.

  1. Fixed - Sets a minimum width for appointments so that you can always see relevant details and icons and scroll horizontally to see additional staff columns. If you want appointment details to be visible, this is the best option.
  2. Compact - Compact view will compact the width of appointments to prioritise displaying more staff columns. Note: You will see a limited number of icons with this setting.

salon partner talking to customer

How will I know my appointment book has been updated?

If you are on our Platinum or Diamond package we’ll send you a message before and immediately after we update your software.

If you’ve signed up to receive our emails, you’ll receive an email to let you know your Appointment Book has been updated. You can log in to Kitomba 1 and visit the Appointment Book to see the improved new look! 

For more information on the updated Appointment Book and icons in Kitomba 1, visit our support guides:

Not opted in to receive our emails? No worries, simply click the button below to make sure you don’t miss important information. 

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