New Online Booking feature: Required follow-on services

24 Oct 2023 by Kitomba

If you’re a Diamond customer with Kitomba Online Booking, you can now add required follow-on services that clients must choose to complete their booking.

This feature is useful if your clients often forget to book finishing services, such as booking a full head of foils without a toner, cut or blow dry afterward.

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Get more 5-star reviews online with Reputation AI

16 Oct 2023 by Kitomba

Improve your online reputation and get more 5-star Google reviews for your business automatically with Reputation AI – a new feature available through our exclusive integration for Kitomba customers in Australia and New Zealand.

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Christmas marketing ideas and tips for salon, spa, and beauty clinic owners

13 Oct 2023 by Kirsten McHarg

The holiday season is almost upon us, and for salon, spa, and clinic owners it’s the perfect time to make your business shine like a twinkling holiday light. Christmas is a time for celebration, indulgence, and self-care, making it an ideal occasion to pamper your clients while boosting your revenue. 

In this blog, we’ll unwrap a bundle of Christmas marketing ideas and tips specifically tailored for salon, spa, and clinic owners. Let’s make this holiday season a spectacular success!

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How to understand your salon’s Instagram analytics

15 Sep 2023 by Kirsten McHarg

Instagram is a powerful social media platform with over a billion active users. If you’re looking to grow your salons or spas Instagram account, it’s important to understand how Instagram analytics work.

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Success story: Surreal Hair

13 Sep 2023 by Kitomba

Surreal Hair in Christchurch, New Zealand, is an outstanding example of perseverance, success, and leadership in the hair industry. Having been in business for over 25 years, and with a team of 18 staff, Surreal Hair’s owner Michelle Marsh shares how she has overcome financial and environmental crises only to come back stronger than ever by building a fantastic team culture and living by the mindset that failure isn’t an option.

Watch the video below and keep reading to hear Surreal Hair’s incredible story. 

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Use AI to fill your appointment book with Kitomba’s integration

11 Sep 2023 by Kitomba

You can harness the power of artificial intelligence to fill last minute cancellations and gaps in your appointment book with our exclusive integration with in Australia and New Zealand. 

Integrating with Kitomba Online Booking, uses artificial intelligence to identify gaps in your appointment book and send personalised messages to your clients who would best fill the available slot. This helps to ensure you don’t miss out on revenue lost from last-minute cancellations or gaps in your appointment book. 

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Tips for increasing your salon’s profitability

26 Aug 2023 by Kamrin Hira

As the year progresses, many hair and beauty businesses are feeling the effects of rising costs on materials, rent and wages. You’re not alone if you’re struggling to maintain your profitability while keeping prices affordable for your clients.

Here are three strategies you can use at your salon, spa or clinic to help keep your books in the green.

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3 ways to retain more clients for your salon, spa or clinic

16 Aug 2023 by Kamrin Hira

The hair and beauty industry is highly competitive, as clients have an abundance of salons, spas and clinics to choose from. It’s more important than ever to ensure your clients keep coming back and that you grow your regular client base.

Here are three ways you can improve the client experience at your salon, spa or clinic to retain more clients.

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Success story: Ross & Co Hair Design

14 Aug 2023 by Kitomba

Ross & Co Hair Design in Hamilton is a salon that has a stellar reputation for providing a consistently exceptional client experience. Don’t believe us? Check out their five star reviews on Google! We were lucky enough to sit down with the founder, Patricia Ross, to learn more about how she empowers her staff, tips for salon owners to grow their businesses, and her secret to achieving a rebooking rate of over 80%.

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Checking Kitomba Time Sheets on smartphone

Making the switch to Time Sheets and Time Clock – Vivo Hair Salons & Skin Clinics

12 Aug 2023 by Kitomba

We sat down with Natalie, Regional Manager of Vivo Hair Salons & Skin Clinics, to discuss how they implemented Kitomba’s Time Clock and Time Sheets features into their business, and how it’s completely changed the way they process payroll. Continue reading…