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Google Business Profile tips for salons, spas and clinics

3 Mar 2024 by Janelle Kee-Sue

Are you making the most of your Google Business Profile to attract new clients to your salon, spa or clinic?

Find out how to get your business found on Google with these expert tips for claiming and optimising your Google Business Profile.

What is Google Business Profile? 

Google Business Profile is Google’s free business listing service for local businesses. Google Business Profile listings are the businesses that show up at the top of Google search results alongside the map.

For example, if you searched for ‘salons near me’ in Google, a map with local salon businesses would show up near the top of your search results:

google my business example 'salons near me'


How do I get a Google Business Profile listing?

To get your business listed on Google, you need to create a Google Business Profile or claim your business if it’s already listed. To do this, simply search for your business name and address to see if a listing already exists.

If a listing exists already, you can go through the listing claiming process to claim and verify ownership of your business. Do not create a new listing if one already exists, as then you’ll have a duplicate listing and the original listing will always outrank the new one. It’s also very difficult to get duplicate listings removed as you’ll need to contact Google to go through this process, which can take weeks to resolve.

To claim an existing listing, simply click on the ‘manage this listing’ link in the listing:

google my business how to claim listing


You’ll then be asked to verify ownership of the business to be given access to the listing. Google will ask you to verify via phone call or post to prove your ownership.

If a listing doesn’t already exist for your business, you can create one by visiting Google Business Profile and creating a profile. This is a simple process with clear instructions. You’ll need to verify ownership of the business by phone call or by post.

Here’s a video from Google on how to add or claim your Google Business Profile listing:

Tips for optimising your salon, spa or clinics Google Business Profile

Once you have access to your Google Business Profile, there are a few things you can do above the basics that will help your listing to rank higher in Google search results.

Tip 1: Add additional business categories

While you’re only able to select one primary business category, such as ‘Hair Salon’, you can add additional categories to further describe your business’s offering. 

Here are some of the available categories you can add, depending on which are most relevant for your business:

  • Beauty Salon
  • Hair Salon
  • Nail Salon
  • Waxing Hair Removal Service
  • Hair Extension Technician 
  • Hairdresser
  • Mobile Hairdresser
  • Make-up Artist
  • Tanning Salon
  • Facial Spa
  • Medical Spa
  • Health and Beauty Shop
  • Home Hairdresser
  • Laser Hair Removal Service

To add more categories, visit the Info tab on the left panel of your business’s Google Business Profile listing account, then select the pen icon next to your business category. 

Google allows you to select up to 10 categories for your business.

How to add categories in google my business

Tip 2: Update your business hours 

It may seem obvious but so many businesses forget to update their business hours, and this can lead to a negative client experience. Ensure your business hours are correct and make any necessary changes under the Info tab. If you want to add special hours, such as for public holidays, you can do this in the same section.

Tip 3: Add your website and appointment links 

Add your website’s URL to the website icon by copying and pasting your website address into the website section of the Info tab. You can also add a different link to send users to your online booking site by adding the link to the ‘Appointment link’ section. This will make it easy for people to visit your website and book online. If you have Kitomba Online Booking, this is where you’ll add your online booking site link.

adding google my business appointment link

Tip 4: Add a business description 

Located near the bottom of the page under the Info tab is a space to add a business description. You can add up to 750 characters, so make sure you spend the time writing a great business description that mentions your location, services, awards and more. 

Including the words you want your business listing to be found for in your description, such as ‘award-winning hair salon in Wellington City’, will help your listing to show up for relevant searches. Make sure that your copy reads well and encourages people to book an appointment with you. 

add description google my business

Tip 5: Add your business’s services and products

You can add the services you offer under the Services tab which will help you to get found by people searching for those services in your area. 

Google will provide recommendations for services you can add based on your business categories, but you can also add custom services if you offer services that aren’t already listed. 

In addition, if you have an online store you can add and advertise products for free under the Products tab.

Tip 6: Add photos to make your business stand out

You can add photos of your business, client transformation and logos under the Photos tab. Add as many great images as possible to stand out from your competitors on Google, and showcase your business and services. 

People can click on your photo gallery to view more images, so make sure there’s plenty for them to look at. It may be the difference between whether they book an appointment with you or a competitor.

kitomba google my business listing

Tip 7: Get reviewed on Google 

Reviews are an important part of Google Business Profile and play a big role in how high your business ranks in search results. The more five-star reviews you have the higher your chances of outranking your competitors and getting more clients for your business! 

Visit the Reviews tab to see your reviews and respond. To get a sharable link to send to clients to request reviews, visit the Home tab, scroll down to ‘Get more reviews’ and click the ‘Share review form’ button. 

This will give you a shortened link you can share with your clients via email or SMS to encourage more reviews. You can set up an automated email or SMS campaign in Kitomba to follow up with your clients automatically with a ‘thanks for visiting, how did we do?’ type of message, including your Google reviews link.

How to request reviews google my business

Get your salon, spa or clinic found on Google 

Advertising is expensive, so increase your chances of getting found in search engines for free by making the most of tools like Google Business Profile and search engine optimisation (SEO). Read Get your salon found on Google with basic SEO to learn the basics. 

Want to learn more about digital marketing?

Our marketing guide covers everything you need to know about marketing a salon, spa or clinic, with tips from industry experts that you can implement for immediate results. Check it out here

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Editor’s note: This article was originally published on 31 March 2021 and has been updated for relevance and comprehensiveness.

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