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Using Facebook pages in your salon & spa business

20 Jul 2021 by Kitomba

Facebook is now well and truly integrated in our personal lives. It’s how we stay in contact with old and new friends, share news, invites, photos, and videos. It’s become the way many of us stay ‘in the know’ with our favourite brands and products. But the real beauty of Facebook is the voice it gives to small, local businesses, such as salons and spas. Never before have we had such a direct way to ‘talk’ with our clients and community on a daily basis.

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Life at Kitomba

15 Jul 2021 by Kitomba

At Kitomba, we’re very proud of our team and our culture as we get to work with the most talented, driven, curious, kind and fun people. We’re also passionate about our customers and committed to their success in the hair and beauty industry. While we work hard, we always find time to connect, get to know each other and have a good time. 

Read on to get to know the Kitomba team and learn more about the activities and events we participate in.

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Connect & engage with your clients using Facebook

4 Jul 2021 by Kitomba

Do you need some fresh new ideas or tips to boost your Facebook activity and engage with your clients?

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A beauty therapist performing a beauty treatment on a client.

Industry insights: proven ways to grow your business in the hair and beauty industry

30 Jun 2021 by Kitomba

As we are halfway through the year, in this edition of industry insights, we’ve put together data from Kitomba Benchmark to give you an idea on key areas where incremental improvements will ensure long-term success for your salon, spa or beauty clinic. Kitomba Benchmark is a feature of Kitomba Salon and Spa Software that compiles and compares anonymous data from across the hair and beauty industries.

Winter is the perfect time to refocus your business and finish the year in a strong financial position.

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How to add the new Book Now button to your Facebook page

23 Jun 2021 by Kitomba

Great news! Facebook’s new ‘Book Now’ button will let your clients link to your Online Booking page directly from your mobile or desktop Facebook page. Continue reading…

Facebook with online booking

Facebook: best practices for salons and spas

15 Jun 2021 by Paul Gray

The Facebook marketing landscape has changed over the years. Businesses no longer appear in the newsfeed as much as they did before the algorithm adjustments, and it’s now much harder to get noticed.  

However, this doesn’t mean Facebook is dead, nor does it mean Facebook isn’t a great platform for reaching your target audience. You simply need to adapt your approach. 

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Regular clients importance to the hair and beauty industry

Industry insights: The truth about ‘regulars’ and what they really mean to the hair and beauty industry

31 May 2021 by Kitomba

Our statistics show that in the average hair or beauty business, regular clients make up around 40% of the client base. Yet they also account for around 70% of all appointments. This suggests that regular clients are worth a lot more to a business than one-off clients.  Continue reading…

Customer Success Story Lynden Vivo Hair and Skin Clinics

Customer success story: Vivo Hair and Skin Clinics

31 May 2021 by Kitomba

It was almost 10 years ago that the first ever Vivo Salon was opened and now there are over 90 Vivo Hair and Skin Clinics across New Zealand. It has been an incredible journey to watch and we’ve loved seeing them grow. 

We spoke to Executive Director, Lynden Mason, to ask him about what he loves about the industry, his business journey and the importance of empowering your staff to achieve success. Continue reading…

Tip for data protection

4 tips to protect your data

30 May 2021 by Kitomba

Today, more than ever, protecting your data is essential to the success of your salon, spa, or clinic. A data breach or cyber-attack can interrupt your business and even cause long-lasting damage to your reputation.

We’ve all heard about the 2021 attacks on Waikato District Health Board (New Zealand) and Channel Nine (Australia) when both organisations experienced significant IT issues, interruptions to their business, and stolen data. It’s a good reminder of how essential it is to be proactive with your data security and put preventive measures in place to help safeguard your business. 

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Five super reasons to train your team

19 May 2021 by Malcolm Gibbons

The biggest complaint I hear from disgruntled salon owners is that their staff up and leave after receiving comprehensive service and ongoing technical training, taking all that knowledge with them for the benefit of the next place they work! 

Unfortunately, there are too many owners with this fearful mindset around training. But, have you ever considered the value of training employees in the art of giving GREAT service? Continue reading…