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5 reasons to try the Kitomba x integration

5 Dec 2023 by Kitomba

Use Kitomba with to enhance your salon, spa, or clinic. Recover potential lost revenue from cancellations and gaps in appointments, save your team’s time on client communication, all while maintaining your appointment book control.

Thanks to AI, scans your schedule for openings, identifies suitable clients from your database, and sends them invites through your Kitomba Online Booking.

Intrigued? Here are five reasons to try Kitomba’s new integration.

1. Don’t miss out revenue from late cancellations and gaps

Last-minute cancellations and unfilled gaps in your appointment book mean missed opportunities for earning revenue for your business. 

To help you fill those gaps in your appointment book, seamlessly integrates with Kitomba Online Booking to be able to identify any gaps in your appointment book.  

When a gap is found, such as a last-minute cancellation for the following day, will scan your client database for clients who are best suited for the time slot and staff member available based on their history, and who do not already have a future booking. When matches are found, will send a personalised message (via email or SMS) to the prospective client to let them know an appointment has become available and inviting them to make a booking,  locking in revenue you may have otherwise missed out on.

2. Get time back normally spent contacting clients

Acting as your artificially intelligent receptionist, can help give you and your staff an average of 14 hours back per week* by taking over some of the communication between your clients and your business, relieving you and your staff from having to worry about trying to fill the appointment book yourselves. 

This means that you don’t have to spend time scrolling your client list trying to find the ideal client to fill your appointment book when there are gaps or last minute cancellations. 

3. Maintain full control over your appointment book

The idea of trusting artificial intelligence to contact your clients on your behalf may seem daunting, but with Kitomba’s integration it doesn’t need to be because we’ve made sure you’ll maintain full control over your appointment book by approving all online bookings first.

Once the client books online, it will show in your appointment book and you can accept or make changes to the appointment just like any other online booking appointment made.


4. Have full transparency over all messages sent

You can see all the messages that have been sent to your clients through your dashboard at any time, including the content of the message, when it was sent and received, and what the results were. You can easily see how many of your clients booked through these messages and how much revenue you have gained while using offer (free trial today)+

5. Try it free for 30 days and cancel any time

You can trial for 30 days for free. There are no fixed contracts or commitment periods. If you don’t like it, cancel at any time through your account and the messages will be paused instantly. If you want to claim your free 30-day trial of to see how it can help you to fill your appointment book automatically and generate more revenue for your business, click here.

*14 hours back per week is based on data collected and analysed by

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