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3 simple tips to increase your salon’s success this year

19 Jan 2023 by Kitomba

It’s always important to attract new clients into your salon, but if that’s your sole focus, you may be missing valuable opportunities right in front of you. 

Using simple sales techniques with your existing clients can make an immediate difference to your business’s revenue and growth. If they’re already in your salon, why not maximise their visit? 

We’ve put together three easy-to-follow sales tips that focus on upselling your existing clients and driving more revenue for your business! 

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Success story: Hillcrest Hair Design

17 Jan 2023 by Kitomba

Hillcrest Hair Design, located in Hamilton, New Zealand is a family-owned salon that has been operating for over 50 years. In 2021, Amy Carswell took over the business from her grandparents and it has seen incredible growth, even during the pandemic.

Watch the video below and keep reading to learn more about Amy’s start in the hair industry at a very young age, how she maintains a great culture at the salon, and her top tips for anyone who is thinking about stepping into salon ownership.

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This year, make a plan to work smarter, not harder.

12 Jan 2023 by Kyra Sproule

The new year is here, meaning now is the time to look at your business and set goals for the year to come. Look closely at yourself, your team and your tools to see if you can streamline everything into one well-oiled machine. Here’s how to get started!

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Kitomba’s 2022 holiday support hours

19 Dec 2022 by Kitomba

The holiday season is here and we wanted to let you know our support hours during the holiday 2022-2023 period.

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Mastering your salon finances - feature

Mastering your salon finances

1 Dec 2022 by Malcolm Gibbons

Aww c’mon now, I can hear the groans already, not finance… BUT keep reading; the information below just may help you make more money this year and in the years to come!

Many salons, spas and clinics fail due to the lack of funds available during their life – there is a reason that cash flow is known as the “lifeblood” of a business. US Small Business Administration has identified “insufficient capital” as the crucial factor for small business failure in USA, and so we can assume that this would be the case globally.

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The importance of creating a healthy, happy salon workplace

29 Nov 2022 by Kitomba

We spend so much of our lives at work, it’s no surprise to learn it can have a huge impact on our health and wellness! Likewise, our health and wellbeing can have a huge impact on our work, and a lot of this is down to your working environment.

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Do you know your clients - feature

Do you really know your clients? Creating loyalty in your salon

21 Nov 2022 by Alyssa Dowsett

We all strive to create loyal clients. The type of client who visits you without fail every six weeks for their facial or the client who books with Sarah every time because she has always done her nails. 

That’s because loyal clients are much easier to service, they tend to buy more and most importantly, you have regular guaranteed income. That is of course, a dream client!

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New Sales tab in Kitomba 1 for invoices and walk-in retail sales

16 Nov 2022 by Kitomba

Creating and viewing invoices and making walk-in retail sales can now be done from anywhere using any device with the new Sales tab in Kitomba 1. 

With the Kitomba 1 Sales tab you can view and create your daily invoices in one place, and easily make walk-in retail sales. You can also view prepped sales and complete them (remember you can already do this on the Appointment Book through Kitomba 1 Point-of-Sale too!).

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5 skills for salon managers - feature

5 skills every salon manager should have

14 Nov 2022 by Kitomba

Managing a team can be difficult, particularly as we often don’t receive any formal training on how to be a great manager. Very few people could walk into a role with all skills, and of course not every manager operates in the same way! There are a few key areas however that as a manager you should be competent in, or working towards improving.

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The client numbers that will grow your salon business

9 Nov 2022 by Kitomba

We know how important your clients are to the success of your salon, spa or clinic. You focus on providing them with the best service. You focus on remembering the details like their favourite hot drink and that they’re excited for their holiday next week. But there’s another way you can focus on your clients which will grow your business – by looking at the numbers.

Read on to discover the client metrics that can make a massive difference to the growth of your salon, spa, or clinic, and how to improve them.

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