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New feature: Edit and delete invoices in Kitomba 1

30 Oct 2023 by Kitomba

To help you manage your invoices more efficiently, we’ve added the ability to edit and delete invoices in Kitomba 1 for selected users, and we’ve made it easier to invoice packages.

If you’re a Diamond or Platinum customer with admin-level user permissions, when selecting an invoice through the Sales tab or Appointment Book in Kitomba 1 you will have the additional options to edit or delete the invoice. 

To help keep your business safe and secure, we’ve also created four new user permissions so you can tailor access to suit your individual team member’s roles and requirements. 

The following edits can be made to invoices in Kitomba 1:

  • Edit quantities: Make adjustments to the quantity of items in an invoice.
  • Remove or add items: Easily delete or add items from an invoice if you make a mistake.
  • Edit pricing: Modify the prices of items.
  • Add/ edit discounts: Apply/edit discounts to items or the invoice.
  • Edit credited staff member: Indicate who the invoice or the items are credited to.
  • Payments: When given the right permissions users can add, edit, and delete payments.
  • Add additional notes: Include extra information as needed.

New user permissions

For the safety and security of your business, we’ve introduced four new user permissions to give you control over who can edit and delete invoices. 

Editing and deleting invoices in Kitomba 1 is available to admin-level users by default, but can be changed and assigned to other team members as needed. Permissions can be changed under Kitomba 1 access levels.

The four new types of permissions include: 

  • Delete Invoice: Allows the deletion of any invoice, regardless of its age.
  • Delete Same-Day Invoice: Perfect for quick corrections, especially useful for managers.
  • Edit Completed Invoice – Basic: For straightforward edits, like editing item quantities, adding new items, editing who the invoice is credited to, making comments, adding new payments, and creating backdated invoices.
  • Edit Completed Invoice – Advanced: Enables you to add, remove and edit discounts, edit payment dates and edit or remove payments and line items.

We’re also working on a feature to help you easily track edits made to invoices in Kitomba 1.

Invoicing packages

We’ve simplified the invoicing process for packages. When invoicing packages in both Kitomba 1 and Kitomba you no longer need to have an appointment attached to it. 

That means whether it’s a walk-in sale or to be added to an appointment, you can select a package from the list of available options when adding to, or creating, an invoice. Easy! 

View our support guide for editing an invoice and deleting an invoice in Kitomba 1.

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