4 ways salons are using AI to gain a competitive edge

27 Feb 2024 by Kitomba

Did you know that you can reduce empty space in your appointment book by up to 90% when you harness the power of AI-driven marketing with In the fast-paced hair and beauty industry,. Keep reading to learn how you can gain an advantage over your competitors with the power of AI. 

In 2023 Kitomba launched an exclusive integration with in New Zealand and Australia to enable salons, spas and clinics to use artificial intelligence (AI) to automate client communications and marketing. Keep reading to learn how you can gain an advantage over your competitors with the power of AI.

1. Fill empty gaps in your appointment book

Salons and spas that use reduce their appointment gaps by up to 90%, and that’s without team members having to do any work. With, artificial intelligence is working 24/7 to scan your appointment book and find clients who are best suited to fit the available slot and staff member available, contacting them on your behalf. This gives salons time back to focus on doing what they do best, without feeling the pressure of trying to fill gaps or losing out on revenue.

2. Follow up with clients that haven’t rebooked

If a client has left the salon without rebooking their next appointment within 24 hours, will send them a message reminding them to pre-book their next appointment. According to data, this can increase a salon or spa’s retention rate by 72% or more! 

The power of AI lies in its ability to analyse vast amounts of client data when it’s integrated with your Kitomba Online Booking site. This means that not only learns each client’s booking patterns but also learns to predict when clients may need to reschedule. By proactively suggesting times to a client, you get a steady flow of appointments into your Kitomba system and lessen the impact of lost appointment opportunities.


3. Save time spent contacting clients

Artificial intelligence excels at automating tasks that involve many moving parts and variables. With, the task of manually contacting clients to fill gaps in your appointment book, fill late-cancellations, or ask for feedback is lifted from you and your team, so you can focus on taking care of the clients in your salon.

4. Get more 5-star reviews on Google

The benefits of extend beyond the booking capabilities. With, which is included in all packages, you can provide a seamless experience that automatically prompts clients to leave glowing 5-star reviews on Google, boosting your online reputation. 

When this feature is enabled in your dashboard automated emails will be sent to your regular returning clients immediately after their appointment asking them to rate their experience out of five and provide feedback.

Exclusive for Kitomba customers, you can try risk-free by claiming your a 30-day free trial

Start working smarter, not harder and let artificial intelligence give your business a competitive edge this year and beyond. Learn more about the benefits of and sign up here. 

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