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Data reveals the impact marketing can have at your salon or spa

12 Jun 2024 by Kitomba

Have you ever wondered what impact your text and email marketing campaigns have on your salon’s bottom line? We analysed a year of user data to find out.

When we compared salons that use our campaign and automated marketing features with those that don’t, we saw a noticeable difference in total client spend, service spending, and the amount of appointments that get booked in a year.

Sending one-off text and email marketing campaigns 

The data revealed that salons and spas that send one-off marketing campaigns to their database via email or text message through Kitomba’s Campaign Marketing feature:

  • Receive an additional 42 appointments per year on average. 
  • See an 11% increase in total client spend. 
  • Increase service spend by 18% on average. 

If that’s not enough reason to start sending one-off text or email campaigns to your clients, we don’t know what else is! 

Alyssa Dowsett, Kitomba General Manager, said: “Sending marketing campaigns by text or email is a great way to boost bookings and revenue. The salons that see the greatest success send compelling offers and segment their database, so instead of sending one big blast, they personalise their campaign to the type of clients they’re talking to.”

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The power of automated marketing Additionally, the data showed that salons that use our Everyday Marketing feature to send out automated marketing messages by text or email:

  • Increase client spend by 16% on average.
  • Increase service revenue by 17%.
  • Get more appointments per year.

“Everyday Marketing includes sending automated text messages or emails to clients who match the trigger at any time in the future. Examples include Happy Birthday messages, rebooking reminders, product repurchase reminders, and more,” Alyssa stated.

“It’s a powerful way to build meaningful connections with your clients and keep them coming back. The best part is that you set it up once and it continues working in the background.”

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Combine automated marketing with one-off campaigns for the best results 

Salons that use both Kitomba’s Everyday Marketing and Campaign Marketing features together see the best results including:

  • 11% increase in total client spend. 
  • 25% increase in service revenue.
  • 9.2% more appointments per year.  

“The data tells us that salons that use automated marketing and campaign marketing together get the best results. Not only are their clients visiting more often, but they’re spending more when they do,” Alyssa explained. 

To help you with your marketing, we’ve published a free eBook about how to send successful text campaigns, called 40+ text campaign templates for salons and spas. It’s packed with templates that you can simply copy, paste and send to help you fill your appointment book and grow your business. Download your free copy here. 

Learn more about Kitomba’s marketing features for salons, and book a free demo with one of our business consultants to learn how Kitomba can help you grow your salon, spa or clinic. 

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