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How to use text campaigns to grow your salon or spa

13 May 2024 by Kitomba

Text campaigns are a vital tool that can transform how you connect with your clients and generate revenue for your salon, spa or clinic because they provide you with direct and instant communication with your clients.

Why do text campaigns matter?

Whether you want to promote special offers, send appointment reminders or gather feedback, text campaigns are the secret weapon that you’ve been looking for. 

Studies have found that text marketing messages get opened and read an average of 98% and the average user takes action based on a text message within 90 seconds. That means if you want to get your message in the hands of your clients fast with quick results, text is the way to go!

Pullout data

Set up a text campaign in 5 minutes

Determine your goal

Before you send a text campaign, it’s essential to identify what you want to achieve. Do you want to fill gaps in your appointment book, promote a new service, or get rid of extra stock? Once you have a clear goal in mind, it will help you choose the suitable text campaign template and the audience to send it to. 

Choose a template from our text eBook

Our comprehensive eBook: 40+ text campaign templates for salons and spas is your go-to guide for harnessing the potential of text campaigns. We provide you with a treasure trove of templates designed for many scenarios, including service and product promotions.

Click here to get your free copy today!

Set up your promotion

If you include a special offer, such as 10% off your next haircut appointment, in your text campaign be sure to set it up as a promotion using your salon software to ensure your staff can easily apply it when they invoice a client. To create a promotion in Kitomba, check out our support guide.

Use a list for best results

I’m sure you don’t like receiving lots of emails that aren’t interesting to you from other companies, and your clients agree! Rather than sending a text message to all of your clients in your database, it’s better to create groups of people to target your message to.

Think about who you would like to send your campaign to – it could be clients who haven’t visited in a while, your biggest spenders, or clients who have booked a specific service or range of products. The options are endless!  Use Kitomba 1 client lists under the text campaign option to create your text marketing list.

Use a shortened link 

To get your clients to take action, you want to add a link to your text message, however one downside is that text messages have a 160-character limit. We recommend that you use a link shortener, like Bitly to shorten your online booking link as it gives you more characters to write in your message.

It also gives you the added benefit of being able to track how many people click on a link, so you can now see exactly what results you get from your message campaign.

Create your text campaign 

To create your text campaign, log into Kitomba 1, click ‘Marketing’ and select ‘Text campaigns’. Click the ‘Create a text campaign’ button and answer the prompts to send your message immediately. Click here to learn more.

Once you’ve sent your message, sit back and watch the bookings flow in!

Measuring the impact of your marketing campaign

It is crucial to be able to see the impact text campaigns have on your business so you can reuse the ones that worked the best in the future. The easiest way to do this is by logging into Bitly and seeing the number of clicks you have gotten.

Then, simply compare this number to the number of customers that you sent the text campaign to. You will be able to find this number by clicking on the Kitomba 1 client list you used in your campaign and seeing the total number of your clients that are on that list.

For example, if Bitly says you have had 100 clients click on your link and your client list has 120 clients on it then 83.4% of the clients you sent the message to liked the offer and clicked on the link.

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Free eBook: 40 text marketing campaign templates for salons or spas

Need a boost in bookings and sales? Text campaigns are among the most powerful direct marketing tools for salons, spas and clinics to achieve just that. With our new eBook: 40 text marketing campaign templates for salons or spas we have taken all the stress out of text campaigns.

Copy, paste, and send your way to a full appointment book and download today.

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