Send successful SMS campaigns using these 3 tips

8 May 2023 by Kitomba

If you want to fill your appointment book, promote a new service or product, or let your clients know something important, sending a SMS campaign is one of the most efficient, and effective tools that salons, spas and clinics can use.

Studies have found that a SMS marketing message gets opened and viewed an average of 98%, and on top of that, the average user takes action based on a text message within 90 seconds (SMSglobal, 2021). That means if you want to get your message in the hands of your clients, SMS is the way to go!

The SMS campaign feature in Kitomba and Kitomba 1 allows you to highlight your business’s best features to all, or a selection, of your clients.

This feature, when used strategically and mindfully, can inspire your clients to explore more of what you have to offer, nurture your relationship with them, and keep them coming back.

Here are three tips to make your next text message marketing campaign a success!

1. Get personal with your messaging

Keeping your customer experience personalised can be hugely beneficial to many aspects of your business because it shows you’re committed to providing the absolute best care to everyone walking through your door.

For example, with Kitomba you can create personalised SMS campaigns to target specific clients, like sending a message to all microblading clients about a long weekend microblading promotion, or sending a text to people who purchase a particular brand of products to let them know when their favourite products are back on the shelf.

When you tailor the messaging to suit your audience, you are ensuring you’re only sending it to the people who it’s relevant for, which not only makes the client feel recognised and thought of, but it will vastly improve the success of your promotion or campaign.

To ensure you’re capturing the right audience you can use Kitomba 1’s powerful client filters to segment your client list when creating an SMS campaign. Learn how to create a client list in Kitomba 1 here.


2. Keep your text messages short and simple

With up to 160 characters to play with, text message campaigns force you to get right to the point, and this is actually a good thing! No one likes receiving a long text that takes up your phone screen and makes it feel like you’re reading a novel – keep it short, sweet and get right to the point.

When sending text campaigns it’s important to only send the most relevant information to your clients and stick with one offer and one call to action.

Don’t worry about sounding short or rude, straight-to-the-point messaging can provoke a sense of urgency pushing your clients to act fast so they don’t miss out! And, if you can’t quite fit everything you want into the character limit then you can always add links to direct them to places that elaborate on what it is you are saying, like your website.

To reduce the amount of characters of your call to action, such as a link to your Kitomba Online Booking page, you can use link shorteners such as bitly or tiny to give you that little bit extra support.

When you’re drafting your message in Kitomba 1 you’ll be able to go over the 160-character limit so you can keep the words flowing. From here you can refine and edit your message to be sent to all relevant customers.

Learn more: How to send a SMS campaign in Kitomba 1.


3. Save time by creating SMS campaigns on the go

Between all kinds of responsibilities at your salon, spa or clinic you can save yourself time by creating and managing your SMS campaigns from anywhere, using any device.

You don’t need to be in the salon to create and send your SMS campaigns. When you log into Kitomba 1 you’re free to manage your salon’s needs completely remotely. Since it’s so easy to create and send a campaign at any time, you can take action into your own hands when you need a boost in appointment bookings or sales.

After creating the right messaging, selecting the right audience and choosing the right time to send your campaign, you can relax knowing you’re connecting with your clients and sending them a personalised message to inspire them to take action!

Ready to send a SMS marketing campaign?

Fill your appointment book, increase your sales and keep in touch with your clients by sending a SMS campaign using Kitomba Salon and Spa Software.

Find out more about our SMS campaign feature through our support guide.

If you’re not yet a Kitomba customer, contact us now for a free demo of our software.

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