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Perceived value and hot girl walks: The two keys to nailing your client experience

29 May 2024 by Salon Rising

Why is perceived value so important? And what do hot girl walks have to do with client experience? Find out in Salon Rising’s latest blog where they unpack the key to creating a memorable experience for your clients.

Perceived value

Perceived value is the new buzz phrase on the street. Heard of it? No? Well, that’s okay, settle in while we unpack this.

Perceived value is all about expectations. And let me tell you, the expectations of clients have changed A LOT in the last 5-10 years. Jen and Samara from Salon Rising unpack this very topic in a Salon Rising Masterclass. You can check it out here.

In the past, you know, like when dinosaurs roamed the basin rooms of your local salon, client expectations were simple. They came for a service, and the perceived value was that they received [drum roll] that service. Simple, right?

Fast forward to the present day, and we’re faced with clients whose expectations are HIGH. Now, I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing. It elevates our industry for sure, but are we living up to these newfound expectations? Not always. And THAT is the problem.

So let’s talk about consistency in your client experience.

I feel like a broken record because I know how often people say this. Please don’t throw your phone or slam your laptop, I know it’s a cliche but—consistency really is key.

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Hot girl walks

Let’s talk about Hot Girl Walks (HGW). I know it feels like we took a huge pivot there but stay with me. I promise this is relevant.

A benchmark of nailing your client experience is becoming the topic of conversation on a HGW. Or any gathering where people get together to chat. You want to be what everyone is talking about over dinner or the subject that someone just has to drop in the group chat. 

It’s when your experience has left such an impact on your client that they feel compelled to share it.

First—why is this good? Client advocacy is one of the most beneficial things for your business. When your clients are singing your praises, it creates an outward ripple effect. 

You want people telling all their friends and family about their amazing experience. Find that one little thing that people will want to share and you will be attracting new clients like a moth to a flame.

But when is this not good? The only time being HGW conversation may not be a good thing is when you haven’t nailed your consistency.

Let’s imagine this. Jane is on a walk with her friends and tells them about her amazing experience at a recent appointment. She tells them her favourite parts were the super long head massage and the treat she got with her coffee. 

Her friends think this sounds amazing and one decides to try you out. But when Jane’s friend comes in, she doesn’t get a head massage, and the coffee treats have run out. So now Jane’s friend is disappointed and feels she didn’t get the same value. This is why consistency is so important.

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Aim for consistent value-adds

There’s no use trying to implement all the things if you’re only nailing it half the time at best.

Aim for value-adds that don’t impact your time but still enhance the client experience. Think about the little things that can make a big difference. And these things don’t need to cost the earth. Keep it simple and do it well. 

The keyword here is simple

For example, I have an amazing brow artist, not only because she does a cracker brow. She is nailing the simple value-adds. You see, after waxing, she does a little massage with an ice cube and a cotton pad to soothe my brows. And I am obsessed with this. It’s the simplest thing, costs nothing at all, but makes me feel so taken care of.

Another example that’s simple but made a huge impact. Getting blankets for clients who are going to be at the basin for a while. Especially as we are heading into winter now, it’s cold if you’re lying there with wet hair. 

Providing this simple service makes our clients feel really taken care of. With busy lives, this is what our clients need, to feel taken care of. It makes them feel valued, which impacts their perceived value on the time they spend with you. It’s these thoughtful touches that clients remember and talk about.

You don’t need a beverage menu that rivals the Emirates business-class lounge. Why not pick one amazing cocktail and make it your signature drink? 

You don’t need to give every client a 25-minute head massage. But you can get timers to make sure everyone is getting the same length massage. Simple. Consistent. Samara and Jen discuss this during a podcast episode. You can check it out here.

But this leads me to my next point. Implementing with your team.

Everyone in your business needs to be on the same page about the standards and expectations. 


Implementing new things

When it comes to adding new things to your service, it’s better to stick to one thing at a time. Really nail the process and keep it consistent before moving on to the next new thing. Trying to add too many new things at once can lead to inconsistency and confusion. 

Focus on mastering that one new element. Make sure your team have clear guidelines on how you want this new element delivered. And keep checking in until you NAIL IT. Ensure it is consistently delivered well, and then introduce the next. This way, you can maintain high standards and keep your clients happy.

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