6 places money is hiding in your salon, spa or clinic

31 May 2023 by Kitomba

Do you know there are 6 places where money is hiding in your salon, spa, or clinic? We spoke with senior coaches from The ZING Project, Marie Drever and Jay Chapman who specialise in helping businesses in the beauty and hair industry thrive in all aspects of business.

Your retail shelves 

“One of the key places where money is hiding in your business is in the retail area, and I feel like there’s so much to learn around this area for every salon owner.

There are thousands of dollars hiding here, and it’s really embracing that journey with the client and your team to make sure that we’re not missing any points and really thinking about honing in on that money hiding and servicing that client to another level,” Marie said.

Two great reports to help you with retail are

  1. Your Product sales report in K1 to help you identify what retail products are both well-loved (sold the most) and that are the most profitable (high-profit margin).
  2. Run your Stock Turnover report in Kitomba to identify which products are just sitting on your shelf doing nothing, and the ones that are moving on and off your shelves the fastest.

Marie went on to say that “When we think of the 80/20 rule, we’re with the client for 20% of the time and 80% of the time they’re doing their skin or their hair at home.” 

Therefore we want to ensure they are using the right products, one quick tip around this would be to use the Kitomba client card, as it automatically records what products your clients have purchased and allows you to record and view notes from each appointment easily. This includes what products you spoke to them about and that they might have decided not to purchase this time but are interested in for their next visit. This is great because it not only prompts you for their future visits, but you can also check in on them and ask them how they are finding the products they purchased.

hairdresser washing out a ladys hair at a basin

Your client database

Another way to find money hiding in your business is in your client database.

“The one thing around your database that I feel like every business owner doesn’t do enough is deep diving into their database of clients because there is a goldmine of potential there,” Marie explained. 

“I think the client retention report in Kitomba shows so many capabilities when it comes to finding out about your clients. It tells you how often they’re coming into the business, and which one’s never returned, and you can easily save these reports to send targeted marketing campaigns to these customers.

Communication with your team 

Salons and spas that have structures and plans in place and are transparent with their goals and how they’re tracking toward achieving them really empower their teams and make them feel inspired and motivated. 

“So when we think about the different team meetings we have to increase the loyalty around our team and also profitability around our salon, the key ingredient here is not only booking those team meetings on repeat to be able to nail your numbers, but to share in a team meeting the Kitomba Business Summary report,” said Marie.


Learn more about Kitomba’s Business summary report.


Sharing your secrets 

“There are thousands of dollars hiding in our businesses and one of the areas where it’s hiding is making sure that you have created a culture in your business around sharing your secrets,” Jay explained.

“What I mean by that is making sure that as experts, we are sharing the knowledge, the skill, and the education with our clients so that they have everything in their toolbox to get the best possible results at home and make the best decisions.”


“Most salon owners tell me that they need more clients. They want more bums on seats or bodies on beauty beds and when we start to unpack what the business needs, we find that there is a gap in their retention. Whether it be that they’re not retaining enough new clients or maybe they’ve got some existing clients dropping off,” Jay said.  

“The one thing that I love about Kitomba is the client retention report. It tells you all of the details, right down to the nitty-gritty of patterns and behaviours, and where the holes are in the leaky bucket that you need to pay attention to.”

Jay went on to say “Nailing client retention is what’s going to explode your business growth. One of the functions we need to embrace as salon owners is the everyday marketing function in Kitomba where we can set up high levels of automation to engage and follow up with our clients to keep them interested.” 

Learn more about marketing automation with Kitomba


Your consultations

“The consultation is the single most important conversation that you will have with your clients in your business. One of the things that we are passionate about at Zing is making sure that your consultation procedure leaves no stone unturned,” Jay explained.

“It needs to be unique, it needs to be memorable, and it needs to be special, not just to get the results for you as technicians, but also for your clients. 

“One of the features that you can dive deep into is the Kitomba Forms. So even before the client enters your business, you have got really rich information about their desires, but also their pain points, and what they’re looking for from a customer service perspective.”

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