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11 May 2023 by Kamrin Hira

In an ideal world, we would have enough time to take care of our clients and focus on our business, all while having ample time for ourselves and with friends and family.

Unfortunately, that isn’t usually the case. We run out of time and tend to drop the ‘non urgent’ things like marketing our businesses, but this should be the very thing to focus on! Marketing is a way to stay connected with your clients when they aren’t in the salon, spa or clinic, and with the power of marketing automation, you don’t need to spend any of your precious time on it.

In fact, automated marketing, known as Everyday Marketing in Kitomba, is something you can “set and forget” – the system looks at your clients and sees who matches the rules you set (e.g. a client who hasn’t rebooked in 8 weeks) and then automatically sends your client a message without you having to lift a finger.

Keep reading to learn how marketing automation can change the game at your salon, spa or clinic, and some examples of the types of automated messages you can use.


Generate more revenue

One of the things any business needs to succeed and grow is to generate revenue. More revenue allows you to invest more into the business to grow and develop. Using automated marketing at important points in a client’s journey can help generate more revenue for your business.

Kitomba can automatically generate messages for things like:

  • 6 weeks after a client has visited but hasn’t rebooked, so you can remind them to book in to maintain the best results.
  • 3 months after a client purchases a specific product, so you can prompt them to buy a replacement as they are about to run out.

These are two great examples of times in a client’s journey where you can reconnect with them to prompt them to take action and rebook or purchase a refill. This will boost your client visit rate and retail sales figures, increasing your revenue!

Check out some more types of automated messages you can send to your clients.


Improve your client experience

With such high competition in our industry and the ever-growing presence of social media, it’s important to stay connected with your clients so you stay top of mind. Social media is important, but it can be time consuming and doesn’t allow you to target specific clients and develop a relationship like a personalised text or email can.

Your client experience is integral to perfecting the journey a client takes from the time they hear your business’s name and look you up online, to even after they have visited if you want to convert them into a regular client. Using automated marketing and personalising the message can impress new clients and make you stand out from other salons, spas or clinics.

Your software should be able to generate messages for things like:

  • 1 day after a client’s first appointment, so you can ask them how their experience was.
  • 8 weeks after their first appointment to tell them they should return soon, and provide an incentive, like a discount or free add-on service.
  • 2 weeks before a client’s birthday to reconnect with them and offer a special package to make them look their best if they’re going out to celebrate the occasion.

Setting up these types of messages allows you to stay connected with your clients without using up your precious time. It makes your clients feel special and thought of, and overall makes them happier and willing to keep coming back.

Learn more about how Kitomba can help you stay connected with your clients through our marketing tools.


Reduce admin and save time

We all know that time is precious and there’s never enough of it! That’s why you should be taking advantage of your salon software as much as you can – it may have features that you aren’t aware of that can help save you time, so you can focus on your clients and staff, not the computer screen.

Setting up automated messages is a great way to reduce the amount of admin time for you and your staff, and also shift away the stress of staying connected to your clients. You can personalise these messages with things like the client’s name so each message you send feels personal.

automatic marketing for salons, spas and clinics

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So, there you have it – a few reasons why using automated marketing can help you stay connected to your clients while reducing admin time and creating more revenue. It’s a no-brainer!

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