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6 essential automated marketing ideas for salons, spas and clinics

20 Apr 2023 by Kitomba

Everyday Marketing with Kitomba Salon and Spa Software makes it easy to target and personalise every interaction with your clients, automatically.

If you aren’t sure how Everyday Marketing can help your business, here are 7 essential automated marketing ideas for salons, spas and clinics you can set up to service your clients better, increase your bottom line, and save you time!

1. Appointment reminders

Appointment reminders are fundamental to salons, spas and clinics because they dramatically reduce no-shows. People get busy and often forget appointments that were made weeks or months ago, so it can be helpful to remind someone they have an appointment coming up so they can plan accordingly or reschedule if they can’t make it. A simple reminder can not only rule out any anticipation of a possible no-show but allow you to recover the original time blocked out if there is a cancellation.

Your salon software should let you set up an appointment reminder, but did you know that you can trigger Everyday Marketing to go out X days before an appointment? This means you can set up multiple appointment reminders to track your customer’s journey! The earlier you send your appointment reminders the more time you give your business to plan for any changes to the appointment book.

You can use everyday marketing to send an additional appointment reminder, so while timing is important, you can also communicate additional service-related reminders. For example, if you need to tell them something closer to the appointment like don’t forget to keep your hair dry tomorrow, or don’t do any at-home chemical peels or deep cleanses before your facial tomorrow you can.

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2. Happy birthday messages

We all love to get goodies on our birthdays. Sending a birthday text or email to include a gift, such as a discount to use on their next service, or a free add-on service, make them feel special and recognised while bringing them back to use your services. These little things don’t cost the business much and can really help to create loyal clients that come back time and time again.

To be able to set up automated birthday messages for your clients in Kitomba, you’ll want to start collecting your client’s birthdays and entering them into their Kitomba Client Card. This can be part of your consultation process with new clients using our Give to Client feature when they arrive at the salon.

If you have lots of regular customers that you haven’t been collecting information on, there’s no time like the present! When your next customer arrives, simply ask them to review and update their client card details using the give to client feature in Kitomba 1.

While they are glancing through their information you may see this as an opportunity to mention that the Salon offers birthday promotions. Not only have you highlighted your store’s benefits but you have checked that their contact information is correct all in one go. Win-Win!

3. Appointment follow-up

It’s always a good idea to follow up with your clients soon after an appointment. Whether it’s a simple thank-you message, asking for feedback or leaving a review, or upselling products or services related to their appointment.

You can choose the follow-up time frame for your messages, too. If you want to send the message the following day or a week later, you should be easily able to do it in your software. To use this feature in Kitomba Salon and Spa Software, read more about it in our Everyday Marketing support guide

Quote: Automated follow-up marketing emails can help to increase your rebooking rates, client retention and revenue

4. Fill your Kitomba appointment book with

Discover how streamlines your appointment scheduling. It smartly engages with clients to ensure your Kitomba software’s booking calendar remains full. It works by monitoring gaps and cancellations and then selects ideal clients from your database who would best suit the requirements to fill these gaps. Once selecting a client it sends out an automated email or text guiding them to nook online.

To see how it can help you to fill your appointment book automatically and increase your revenue. Try our free 30-day trial. No contracts, cancel anytime. 

5. Before or after a particular transaction

When a client purchases a specific product or service, you can set up automated marketing emails to educate the client about that particular product or service, including care instructions or a ‘how-to’ guide and other relevant information.

You can also use this as an opportunity to tell them about other products and services they may like, which are relevant to the product they purchased.

For example: If styling tongs are purchased, you can set up an automated marketing email that sends the client links to videos on how to style their hair and products you recommend using when styling with the tongs. If you have an online store you can link to the products for them to purchase immediately too.

There is a huge opportunity to boost rebookings and retail sales by sending your client a little nudge to repurchase or rebook after a certain amount of time. Set these up for your most popular services and see your retention rate and retail sales boost!

For example: You can create an automatic email to remind balayage customers they’re almost due for their 6-week toner to keep their colour fresh.

This is incredibly useful for increasing client retention and rebooking rates, which will positively impact your revenue!

6. Client referral ‘thank you’ messages

Sometimes it’s hard to remember to thank someone for sending you business, so having an automated and personalised thank you message for referrals is a great way to make your clients feel appreciated – and inclines them to send more referrals your way!

Your salon software should allow you to automatically thank clients for making a referral. You should be able to customise the message, so whether you want to simply send them a thank you message or offer them a little reward, you can make it fit for your business.

If you’re a Kitomba customer, the Customer Referrals feature lets you track:

  • All clients that have been referred to your business.
  • How those clients were referred.
  • How much those referred clients have spent?
  • The total spend of all Referral types.

Learn how to set up and track Kitomba Customer Referrals

Vector graph of hitting targets/tracking well towards targets.

6. Clients that haven’t been back to see you for a while

Get in touch with clients who haven’t been in for a while and remind them to book an appointment with you. They’ll appreciate the proactive reminder and it shows that you value their business.

You can set up rebooking reminders for 8-12 weeks after an appointment, and you can also create a marketing campaign for lost clients that haven’t visited for five months or more, offering a discount code or promotional offer to encourage them to return again. For more information on a one-off marketing campaign for lost clients, check this out.

automatic marketing for salons, spas and clinics

More tips on automated marketing

If you’re looking for more tips on how to set up your automated messages, build and manage your contact lists, and track your success, download this free automatic marketing e-book. It also includes ready-to-use email and SMS templates, and checklists.

Save time and grow with Kitomba Everyday Marketing 

Not only will Kitomba Everyday Marketing save you time, but it can significantly increase your revenue when done right.

That’s because automating your everyday marketing messages can encourage your clients to rebook, increase spend, reduce no-shows, get more referrals, increase loyalty and much more.

All of that can be achieved with a little planning and set up time. After you’re all set up, you’ll just need to keep an eye on your numbers and enjoy the results of Kitomba Everyday Marketing.

To find out more about email and SMS marketing, check out the top 10 client messages you could automate now.

If you’re a Kitomba customer and want to set up your everyday marketing, visit our Marketing Support Centre

If you’re not a Kitomba customer and want to see the software in action, book a free personalised demo where we’ll show you the possibilities for your business! 

Editor’s note: This post was originally published on 7 Mar 2013 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness. 

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