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What’s your ‘dream goal’ for your business?

6 Sep 2014 by Brenda Perham

When I first start mentoring a salon owner I get them to complete a Business Needs Analysis. This delves into all the key profit and performance drivers and creates a map of the strengths and weaknesses in those areas, I then use this info to plot a course of what we need to work on first. One of the questions I ask is “What’s your dream goal for your salon each week?”

Most people have that number in their head but sometimes they don’t want to say it out loud because the number they are at now seems like a long way from their ‘dream goal.’ What always amazes me though, is that about 95% of the time they could be achieving those numbers…they just have a ‘Productivity Gap.’

What on earth is that…well… a nutshell what I mean is they have the right amount of ‘bums on seats’ but those clients aren’t spending as much as they should be. At this point I give the productivity gap a $ value, the salon owners says “Oh no that’s really bad!” I say that’s awesome… those clients are already stepping through your salon door… we just need to get them to spend more money!

Kitomba has lots of amazing tools that help you to measure your productivity and strengthen your client retention, so if you think it’s an area of your business you need to work on then join me next Monday for the latest Kitomba webinar: ‘5 Kitomba tools that will improve your client retention.’

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