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6 simple tips to keep the cash flowing!

12 Mar 2015 by Brenda Perham

Cash management is a vital component of healthy business practice! Here’s a few simple guidelines for client invoicing and payments:

  1. To avoid mistakes in invoicing make sure that every staff member using Kitomba understands how to make a sale correctly!
  2. If you are offering a discount on a product/services make sure you create a discount code for each discount on offer – this will allow you to track via the Discounts Used report how often the code is being applied and the value of the discount given away.
  3. If you are running a time bound promotion set the discount code to have a start and finish date so it won’t be available after the promotion ends.
  4. If your reception area gets a bit chaotic and you want to save time then use the “Prep Sale” function – this creates the invoice from the appt booking and then you only need to add upsold services and product sales when your client gets to reception.
  5. Ideally balance your till every day so you can easily identify any invoicing/transaction errors, this is simple when you use the Cash Drawer Reconciliation Wizard.
  6. Create strong guidelines for cash management in your Policy and Procedure manual….building it into your opening/closing procedure is ideal!

If you are struggling to get your till balanced or would like to run client accounts more effectively then join Donna, our Senior Learning Advisor, on Monday 16th March for the “Don’t work for free! Invoicing clients & tracking outstanding accounts” Online Training webinar.

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