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Simplify and streamline your marketing with Kitomba

23 Jan 2015 by Brenda Perham

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion” – Micheal Hyatt. The idea of “marketing” to clients can be a bit daunting for a lot of hair & beauty business owners, where to start, what to do and how to do it. The ability to connect with your client outside of the salon as well as attract new clients has been amplified by technology, Facebook, websites, email marketing and the list goes on. Fortunately Kitomba can really simplify and streamline your marketing, here are a few tips to help you get the ball rolling.

Set up Everyday Marketing

The beauty of everyday marketing is that it’s automated (just like appointment confirms) so set them up and Kitomba will take care of the rest. Here are some ideas on what to set up:

  • Appointment reminders: This reminds a non booked client that their appointment is due. Ideally set this up a week or two before the due date. For example if their haircut is due at 6 weeks, set up for the reminder to go at 5 weeks so they have plenty of time to get in touch and organise an appointment.
  • Thanks for referring a friend: Thank those loyal clients for spreading the good word! This message is activated when your existing client is chosen from your database when you set up their friends client card. If you have an offer for introducing new clients then you can include this in your message.
  • New client welcome: “It was lovely to meet you” is a great message to send out a day or two after a new client steps through your door for the first time.
  • Send out a search party: Has your client gone missing in action? Time to round them up with a reminder and maybe even an offer to entice them back. Make sure you set your time frame outside the normal visit rate, for example 16 weeks would be a good time frame for a hair salon.

Use Campaign Marketing

With the introduction of smart phones, emailing is now a great option and in a lot of scenarios just as instant as text. Emailing also allows you to tell a bigger and more visual story than text. Another key to marketing success is your database, you can easily check out how healthy it is by running your Customer Statistics report, this will tell you how many clients you have on your database and what percentage of them you have contact numbers/email addresses for. Maybe a database update promotion needs to be first up in your marketing calendar for this year?

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