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What salon owners need to know to succeed on Instagram

17 May 2023 by Kirsten McHarg

In today’s digital age, social media has become an essential tool for any business to reach a wider audience and attract potential customers.

With the hair and beauty industry being so creative and visual, it’s no wonder that Instagram has become one of the most popular platforms for salon business owners to showcase their services and connect with their target market. However, with over one billion active users, it can be challenging to stand out and reach your target audience. This is where utilising the power of the Instagram algorithm comes into play, and one of the best ways to optimise your content for it is by consistently posting original content.

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Increase revenue and save time with marketing automation

11 May 2023 by Kamrin Hira

In an ideal world, we would have enough time to take care of our clients and focus on our business, all while having ample time for ourselves and with friends and family.

Unfortunately, that isn’t usually the case. We run out of time and tend to drop the ‘non urgent’ things like marketing our businesses, but this should be the very thing to focus on! Marketing is a way to stay connected with your clients when they aren’t in the salon, spa or clinic, and with the power of marketing automation, you don’t need to spend any of your precious time on it.

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Send successful SMS campaigns using these 3 tips

8 May 2023 by Kitomba

If you want to fill your appointment book, promote a new service or product, or let your clients know something important, sending a SMS campaign is one of the most efficient, and effective tools that salons, spas and clinics can use.

Studies have found that a SMS marketing message gets opened and viewed an average of 98%, and on top of that, the average user takes action based on a text message within 90 seconds (SMSglobal, 2021). That means if you want to get your message in the hands of your clients, SMS is the way to go!

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Salon owner setting up automatic marketing on her computer

Salon marketing checklists for email and SMS marketing campaigns

4 May 2023 by Kitomba

Email and SMS marketing are essential tools for salons, spas and clinics to connect with clients, encourage bookings, and promote products and services. Each one has its benefits and limitations so read on to learn what channel will best help you meet your goals.

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The 10 best client messages you can automate to save time and grow revenue

30 Apr 2023 by Kitomba

We all know that our industry thrives on relationships. One of the most important relationships is the one you have with your clients when they are not in the salon. Staying connected to them is crucial to promoting rebookings, encouraging repeat purchases and enhancing the overall client experience at your salon, spa or clinic.

When you prioritise following up with clients by sending personalised and helpful emails or SMS text messages you can increase your client retention rate, encourage repeat purchases and bookings, enhance your client experience and even attract new clients.

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Client opening automated email on her phone

6 essential automated marketing ideas for salons, spas and clinics

20 Apr 2023 by Kitomba

Everyday Marketing with Kitomba Salon and Spa Software makes it easy to target and personalise every interaction with your clients, automatically.

If you aren’t sure how Everyday Marketing can help your business, here are 7 essential automated marketing ideas for salons, spas and clinics you can set up to service your clients better, increase your bottom line, and save you time!

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5 expert tips for crafting engaging Instagram posts

17 Apr 2023 by Kirsten McHarg

Looking to have a thriving social media presence to boost your salon business’s success? Instagram is the perfect place to be!

With over 1 billion monthly users and features that are continually evolving, Instagram is the right place to reach your potential clients. Once you have a clear idea of who your ideal clients are, you can start crafting engaging posts that will keep them coming back—and visiting your salon!

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Cost Busters: Free online training for managing rising costs

29 Mar 2023 by Kitomba

With costs rising and minimum wage going up in New Zealand on 1 April, it’s important to use this opportunity to look at your prices and wages in your salon, spa or clinic.

To help you do this, we’ve partnered with Patricia Ross from First Class Services to provide a free 30-minute online training on Monday 3 April at both 12pm and 8pm to help you get started with your pricing and wages strategy.

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Blog 680 x400 success story chevron_Barney Martin

Success story: Barney Martin Hair

28 Mar 2023 by Kitomba

Barney Martin Hair in Sydney’s Surry Hills has been in business for over 20 years, and is an outstanding example of a salon that offers a luxurious, yet laid-back, experience. We sat down with Barney Martin to learn about his biggest challenges in business, his tips for anyone starting out, and the secret behind how he keeps his clients coming back. 

Watch the video below and keep reading to learn more about Barney Martin’s journey. 

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end of financial year preparation

16 finance terms every salon, spa, or clinic owner should know

18 Mar 2023 by Kitomba

The business world is full of jargon and financial terms you’re expected to understand. To help you navigate these terms, we’ve put together a quick reference guide of some of the key financial terms you may encounter as a salon, spa, or clinic business owner.
Click on any of the terms below to be taken to its summary.

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