2018 ABIA winners

Interview with award winning HÜD Skin + Body

1 Oct 2018 by Kitomba

Kitomba is incredibly proud to have supported with the Australian Beauty Industry Awards this year and sponsor the Beauty Salon/Spa of the Year, 5 Treatment Rooms or More award for Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia. Continue reading…

Phone and notebook

Instagram, your salon marketing machine

10 Sep 2018 by Jay Chapman

Where do we start so we can get our marketing machine happening? So that it actually gives us a return on our investment of time, effort and money! Now that is such a huge question with a very long and complex set of answers, although I could talk about this topic for hours on end, I appreciate that this is a blog post not a novel. Continue reading…

Viewing reports

The 3 numbers that will increase your profit

7 Aug 2018 by Kitomba

If you’re keen to increase your profit, here’s some tips on 3 key numbers that can do just that! Continue reading…

Woman working on her finances

5 expert tips for managing your salon finances

6 Aug 2018 by Marie Drever

Today’s hair and beauty industry landscape is more competitive and more complex than ever. Every salon owner is aspiring to best practice and seeking fresh ways to make their business more efficient and profitable. The challenge is real: No one ever said that being captain of your own ship would be easy.

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buying vouchers online

How to sell more online gift vouchers for your salon, spa or clinic

25 Jul 2018 by Kitomba

Want to know how to sell online gift vouchers for your salon, spa or clinic? You can make it easy for your clients to purchase the perfect gift by selling online gift vouchers for your hair and beauty business through Kitomba.

If you have Kitomba Online Booking, you can create and manage your online vouchers in Kitomba 1. Once you’re all set up, you’ll need to promote them so your sales really take off!

Here are eight proven ways to start selling more vouchers online.
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Guy getting his hair cut

8 strategies to create a happier and healthier team

16 Jul 2018 by Kitomba

A happy, healthy team can significantly increase performance, lower costs, reduce employee turnover and boost morale. So creating a fantastic work environment that your team can thrive in is important. Here are 8 easy to implement strategies to help boost your salon, spa or clinic’s happiness and health! Continue reading…

Team work

Five foundations for happiness in your salon workplace

5 Jul 2018 by Lisa Conway

Imagine if everyone was happy working in your salon. Imagine never having to worry about whether a team member was staying or going. Imagine being able to plan long-term to develop your team to meet their full potential. Imagine being able to step back and let your team run the show.

For many salon owners, having a happy workplace is only ever a dream. The truth is, the difference between daydreaming and living the reality is within your reach. There are five key foundations for happiness in your salon workplace and I’m going to share them with you here. But first, let me explain why.
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Woman on social media

How salons, spas and clinics can avoid social media don’ts

27 Apr 2018 by Tahlia Shorter

A good salon, spa or clinic is built on reputation and there’s so much that goes into making it a success. Sadly social media often gets neglected yet it can make or break a brand. Continue reading…

Client entering their details into their client card

Using Kitomba 1’s Give to Client feature

19 Apr 2018 by Kitomba

Found in Kitomba 1, the Give to Client feature gives your clients the ability to enter their own details into their Client Card using any device.

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Ross & Co Hair Design team

An interview with 2017’s Fastest Growing Salon

14 Mar 2018 by Kitomba

We caught up with Patricia Ross, owner of Hamilton salon Ross & Co Hair Design, about her win at the 2017 Kitomba NZARH Business Awards!

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