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Improved analytics tracking for Online Booking with Google Tag Manager

2 Apr 2019 by Kitomba

You can now add Google Tag Manager to your Online Booking site. This enables you to better track visitors between your website and your Online Booking site and allows you to add the functionality of other platforms to Online Booking.

How to add Google Tag Manager to Online Booking

Adding Google Tag Manager code to Online Booking is simple. From your Google Tag Manager account, copy your container ID. In Kitomba 1, head to Online Booking Settings and paste your container ID into the Google Tag Manager box.

GTM in K1

While we can help you add your Google Tag Manager code to your Online Booking settings, this is an advanced feature and requires some setup in Google Tag Manager which Kitomba is unable to assist you with. A digital marketer or web developer may be able to help you.

Read our support guide for more information on adding Google Tag Manager to Online Booking.

What is Google Tag Manager

We chose to add support for Google Tag Manager because it is a powerful, free tool. It enables you to more easily add the functionality of other platforms to your website and Online Booking, including:

  • track site visitors and their behaviour through platforms such as Google Analytics;
  • set goals for Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns;
  • retarget visitors to your site with ads;
  • add chat to your site;
  • optimise search and display advertising campaigns.

For more information on Google Tag Manager, including support for how to use it, refer to Google’s Tag Manager resources.

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