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8 ways to get sustainable with Kitomba

19 Feb 2019 by Kitomba

Kitomba is committed to helping our customers be more sustainable. What you may not know is just how many ways our software supports sustainability. Here are 8 ways to get sustainable with Kitomba!

Give to Client

Say goodbye to printed forms! The Give to Client feature allows your clients to enter their own details into their Client Card using any device.

When using the Give to Client form, Kitomba 1 goes into ‘client mode’. This means they’re only able to enter details into the form and the rest of Kitomba 1 is locked down, keeping your business and other client information safe.

Send appointment details

You can instantly send clients their appointment details via text or email, and they can easily add them to their calendar.

Not only does this remove the need for printed appointment cards, but it’ll save you time, and your clients calendars will also remind them of their appointment reducing no shows!

Campaign Marketing

Kitomba has integrated with MailChimp so you can easily create and send email campaigns, in a super sustainable way, to relevant groups of your clients.

Staff Targets

Kitomba Targets removes the need for spreadsheets, calculators and printed reports. Simply set up your staff targets via Kitomba 1, give your team the right access and they can use their smartphone to see how they’re progressing towards their targets. That’s not the only benefit – they’ll also be able to see their progress in real time, boosting their motivation to work harder to reach their goals.

Daily Appointment List

With the right Kitomba 1 access, your team will have the ability to view their appointment list for the day. So save yourself some time and stop printing appointment lists!

Concessions and Vouchers

It can be nice to print concession cards and vouchers, but if you’re being super conscious about your affect on the environment, Kitomba removes the need to do this. Details of your clients concessions and vouchers are all saved to their Client Card, plus if you have Online Booking clients can view their balances online.

You can also sell online vouchers with Kitomba’s Online Voucher Sales feature.

Photos and Documents

Kitomba allows photos and documents to be saved to your Client Cards. Clients can add photos when they book online, you can save before and after photos and instead of printing electronic documents, you can save them directly to Client Cards. Printed documents can also be scanned into Client Cards, overall reducing the amount of paper you are keeping in your salon, spa or clinic.

Automatic Sustainable Salons fee

Are you a Sustainable Salon? We’ve partnered with Sustainable Salons so you can automatically add a Sustainable Salons Fee to your invoices. This saves you time and makes being a Sustainable Salon even easier.

If you have more tips for using Kitomba to be more sustainable, share them in the comments below.

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