Customer checking out at the front desk of a spa salon

Tis’ the season to be…. FOCUSED!

7 Oct 2021 by Jay Chapman

We’re heading into December, are you ready for it? Have you set your goals? Got all your ducks in a row ready to create an amazing year for you, your team and your clients?

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Time Management 101: The three elements you need to balance

14 Oct 2019 by Jay Chapman

“I just don’t have the time” is one sentence that really grinds my gears! Depending on who I am talking to, I feel I simply must remind them that Richard Branson, Beyoncé and the Queen of England all have the same amount of hours and minutes in their days. Continue reading…

Sustainability in your salon

Sustainability and your salon: Where on earth do you start?

12 Feb 2019 by Jay Chapman

Climate change, carbon footprint, green energy, clean energy…. It’s no wonder we get overwhelmed with knowing where to start to reduce our impact on the environment. Below I have listed some simple steps to help you reduce your impact to what is now a global problem. Let’s go! Continue reading…

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Instagram, your salon marketing machine

10 Sep 2018 by Jay Chapman

Where do we start so we can get our marketing machine happening? So that it actually gives us a return on our investment of time, effort and money! Now that is such a huge question with a very long and complex set of answers, although I could talk about this topic for hours on end, I appreciate that this is a blog post not a novel. Continue reading…