How to promote humm to your clients

How to promote Humm to your clients

17 Jul 2018 by Kitomba

It’s been a few months since we partnered with Humm and we’re pleased to see so many Kitomba customers using Humm successfully!

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Guy getting his hair cut

8 strategies to create a happier and healthier team

16 Jul 2018 by Kitomba

A happy, healthy team can significantly increase performance, lower costs, reduce employee turnover and boost morale. So creating a fantastic work environment that your team can thrive in is important. Here are 8 easy to implement strategies to help boost your salon, spa or clinic’s happiness and health! Continue reading…

Team work

Five foundations for happiness in your salon workplace

5 Jul 2018 by Lisa Conway

Imagine if everyone was happy working in your salon. Imagine never having to worry about whether a team member was staying or going. Imagine being able to plan long-term to develop your team to meet their full potential. Imagine being able to step back and let your team run the show.

For many salon owners, having a happy workplace is only ever a dream. The truth is, the difference between daydreaming and living the reality is within your reach. There are five key foundations for happiness in your salon workplace and I’m going to share them with you here. But first, let me explain why.
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Woman on social media

How salons, spas and clinics can avoid social media don’ts

27 Apr 2018 by Tahlia Shorter

A good salon, spa or clinic is built on reputation and there’s so much that goes into making it a success. Sadly social media often gets neglected yet it can make or break a brand. Continue reading…

Client entering their details into their client card

Using Kitomba 1’s Give to Client feature

19 Apr 2018 by Kitomba

Found in Kitomba 1, the Give to Client feature gives your clients the ability to enter their own details into their Client Card using any device.

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Ross & Co Hair Design team

An interview with 2017’s Fastest Growing Salon

14 Mar 2018 by Kitomba

We caught up with Patricia Ross, owner of Hamilton salon Ross & Co Hair Design, about her win at the 2017 Kitomba NZARH Business Awards!

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Buoy Salon & Spa team

Buoy Salon & Spa: 2017 New Zealand Salon of the Year

5 Mar 2018 by Kitomba

The Industry Awards is an annual celebration of the Kitomba NZARH Business Awards and HITO Next Generation Talent Awards. Held in November in Auckland, Kitomba, NZARH and HITO announced the best in business and training in the hair, barbering and beauty industry.

The night’s top performer at the Kitomba NZARH Business Awards was Buoy Salon & Spa. Continue reading…

Untitled design (1)

Tools to help manage your team

12 Dec 2017 by Kitomba

When it comes to managing a team it’s your job to set the bar, inspire, and motivate. Great management and leadership can help your team to reach their full potential and ultimately helps your salon become more successful.

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Untitled design (2)

Salon owners: Should you socialise with your team?

7 Dec 2017 by Lisa Conway

The answer is a resounding “YES” … with a cautionary “but”. Yes, by all means, hang out with your salon team, but make sure you set some line-in-the-sand boundaries. Once you cross certain lines in the employer-employee relationship, you simply can’t come back. Proceed with care. Continue reading…

Untitled design (8)

Put your best foot forward

4 Jul 2017 by Kitomba

Every year we’re asked questions about creating Business Awards applications. What should I include? What should my application look like? What did the winners’ include last year?

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