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31 Jan 2019 by Kitomba

This blog has been updated to reflect the latest industry figures.

Reviewing your performance helps you to determine which areas you can focus on and improve to help you achieve your goals.

Understanding your key business numbers and comparing these to your industry’s performance is a great place to start.

Compare yourself to your industry

The table below shows the averages across each industry for the key business numbers. Simply find the average for your country and industry, and compare them to your numbers to see how you measure up!

New Zealand

Hair Beauty Hair & Beauty Medispa
Appointments  4342 4847 5311 3861
Rebooking rate 47% 46% 44% 44%
New clients  451  616  572 527
Retail attachment rate 22% 22% 18% 23%
Retail revenue $77,410  $85,313 $59,728 $179,692
Online booking revenue $64,942  $65,470  $62,875 $28,296
Total revenue $439,594  $456,068 $496,937 $814,902


Hair Beauty Hair & Beauty Medispa
Completed appointments  4117  4152 4465  4111
Rebooking rate 41% 40% 39% 45%
New clients 549 588 580 592
Retail attachment rate  19% 22% 17% 30%
Retail revenue  $39,855  $68,235  $34,838 $139,543
Online booking revenue $56,414  $54,940  $48,257  $42,316
Total revenue $420,520  $364,850 $357,043 $537,227

These figures are GST inclusive and were determined by Kitomba’s unique Benchmark feature in Kitomba 1. Benchmark makes it easy for you to regularly compare your business to the salons, spas or clinics in your industry.

Improve your numbers

The best part of benchmarking your business is the ability to discover where you can improve your results. See our ideas and tips to help you do just that.

Book a personalised demo to see how Kitomba’s industry focussed reporting tools can help you to better understand and grow your salon, spa or clinic.

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    • Yes absolutely there are a number of factors to take into account and number of staff is one of them. These numbers are an average across all Kitomba customers, so if you’re a very small or very large salon you will expect to have different numbers. We’ve put this data together to be an indicator that can be used as a starting point for you to do further analysis of your own business. However, rebooking rate and retail attachment rate are directly comparable for any sized business. Hope this helps!

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