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New Online Booking staff selection updates

2 Nov 2017 by Kitomba

We’re always listening to feedback and have been working on some Online Booking staff selection updates.

Check out the changes and additions:

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MailChimp campaign sheduled

More straightforward MailChimp campaigns

20 Sep 2017 by Kitomba

A few months ago we told you about a new process you needed to follow when creating a MailChimp campaign from Kitomba 1 due to a change MailChimp had made.

We have now updated Kitomba 1 to once again take you to the “Template” step in MailChimp. This makes creating a campaign more straightforward.

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New to reporting: Notify me

19 Jul 2017 by Kitomba

New to Kitomba One reporting is ‘notify me’. Now you’ll spend more time working on the important stuff, instead of waiting at your computer for your reports. Continue reading…

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MailChimp campaign marketing has changed

10 Jul 2017 by Kitomba

This feature was updated on 18 September 2017. Read about this update in our blog post More straightforward MailChimp campaigns.
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Get prepared: All new Concessions is coming!

16 May 2017 by Kitomba

We’re excited to announce that Kitomba Concessions is being enhanced! You’ll have the new and improved Concessions soon.

There’s some cool changes coming and you’ll need some time to get prepared. Here’s a guide on what to expect and how to get ready for the all new Kitomba Concessions. Continue reading…

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New! Promotions and Discounts Report

27 Apr 2017 by Kitomba

You have a new Kitomba 1 report – Promotions and Discounts! Watch out over the next few weeks for changes in Kitomba and Kitomba 1 as we roll out this new feature. Continue reading…

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New feature! Documents

26 Apr 2017 by Kitomba

Documents in Kitomba and Kitomba 1 is here! Now you have a secure place to store and search for client documents like consent forms, and client analysis and result documents. Continue reading…