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New feature: Accurately record working hours with Time Clock

23 Oct 2019 by Kitomba

If you want to know the exact hours your staff are working, you can when you use Time Clock!

Time Clock is a new feature available with the Kitomba Diamond package. It works seamlessly with Time Sheets to provide you with an accurate record of your staff’s hours.

Get greater accuracy with Time Clock

Kitomba’s new Time Clock feature allows staff to easily clock in and out each day, accurately records their hours, and updates the information directly to Time Sheets. Then you’ll have a record of their clocked in hours as well as their timetabled hours, so you can decide which hours to approve for payroll.

Use Time Clock together with Time Sheets

  1. Enable Time Clock on your chosen device
    Time Clock only needs to be set up once. Simply enable Time Clock on the computer, tablet or smartphone your staff will use to clock in and out.
  2. Ask your staff to clock in and out every day
    Staff names will automatically appear in Time Clock ready for them to clock in and out. They’ll just need to enter their Kitomba 1 pin or Kitomba code to clock in and out each day.
  3. Review staff hours and breaks in Time Sheets
    Clocked in hours, breaks and comments from Time Clock show in Time Sheets alongside timetabled hours, so you can choose which hours you want to approve. 

For help to get started with Time Sheets and Time Clock, visit our support guides.

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