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New feature: Get payroll ready faster with Time Sheets

23 Oct 2019 by Kitomba

We’re excited to announce the release of Time Sheets, available with the Kitomba Diamond package. It will change the way you record and approve your staff’s hours, and revolutionise your payroll process.

Time Sheets automatically displays your staff’s timetabled hours and leave, which you can then view, edit and approve, so you have an accurate record ready for payroll.

You’ll find this new feature in the Manage tab, formerly called Products and Services.

Streamline your payroll process

  1. View your staff’s hours, breaks and leave, all in one place
    Time Sheets will display each staff person’s timetabled hours and a standard unpaid break.
  2. Review and edit time sheets ready for approval
    Check the hours recorded in Time Sheets are accurate. If you need to, you can edit individual time sheets before approving them.
  3. Approve time sheets ready for payroll
    Once you’re happy that the hours are correct, you can approve each time sheet. Once approved, the hours and leave will appear on the Approved Time Sheets and Payroll reports.

For help getting started with Time Sheets, visit our support guides.

Get payroll ready with two new reports

  • The Approved Time Sheets report gives you a quick overview of your staff’s approved hours and leave over a selected time period, and allows you to see at a glance which hours are still awaiting approval.
  • The Payroll report can streamline your payroll process by reporting your staff’s hours and leave as well as their sales figures, so you can easily calculate both hourly pay and commission. Simply download the Payroll report and import it directly into your payroll system. 

Get greater accuracy with another new feature: Time Clock

Time Sheets is an even more powerful payroll tool when you pair it with Time Clock. Time Clock allows staff to easily clock in and out, and updates the information in Time Sheets. This allows you to view their clocked in hours, breaks and comments alongside their timetabled hours, and decide which hours you want to approve.

Check out our blog to learn more about Time Clock.

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