How to leverage your software during the busy Christmas season

How to leverage your software during the busy Christmas season

25 Nov 2020 by Kitomba

Are you using your salon software effectively? Christmas time always brings in more clients and more money, but with that comes long, busy days. Luckily your salon software can help make sure you’re maximising your profits and minimising your stress.

Here are 8 expert tips covering the software features you need to be using to make your life that little bit easier through the holiday rush! While this article uses Kitomba Salon and Spa Software as an example, these tips should apply to almost any salon software provider. Continue reading…

Christmas present

How to create a Christmas season of success in your salon

25 Nov 2020 by Kai Schnitzler

We’re heading into the peak of the silly season. For most of us, the Christmas season is incredibly busy, filled with family dinners, work parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations and summer BBQs. People want to look their best for these big occasions so hair and beauty salons typically enjoy a boom in bookings.

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woman opening xmas present

8 ways to make your salon, spa or clinic more profitable this Christmas

23 Nov 2020 by Kitomba

The Christmas season is upon us! It’s the busiest time of the year for the hair and beauty industry and a great opportunity for a big revenue boost. 

In fact, our data shows that revenue increases by over 10% in New Zealand and Australian salons, spas and clinics between the months of October and December! 

The lead up to Christmas is hectic, but with a touch of preparation you can make this busy holiday season as enjoyable and profitable as possible.

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customer success story studio 31 palmerston north

Customer Success Story: Studio 31

20 Nov 2020 by Kitomba

We recently stopped by Studio 31 in Palmerston North to see Manager Kaaren Whale and her team. We spoke about what has made the salon so successful and unique, what’s helping them to deliver an exceptional client experience, and their tips for other business owners. 

Watch Studio 31’s story in this short video, and read the full interview below.

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Using Kitomba forms on a tablet

New: Send forms to your clients to complete before their appointment

17 Nov 2020 by Kitomba

Forms just got even better! Now you can send your customised digital forms by email or sms – allowing your clients to complete their forms whenever and wherever they choose, while reducing visit times, waiting room contact and the use of shared devices.  Continue reading…

Woman with Christmas gift

10 festive ways to wow your clients this Christmas

13 Nov 2020 by Kitomba

If you’re in the hair and beauty industry, a great client experience in the lead up to Christmas isn’t always easy. It’s the busiest time of the year, which can mean delighting your clients can fall by the wayside.

However, with some effective teamwork and a few great ideas, you can create an exceptional experience for every client that steps into your salon, spa or clinic this Christmas!
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Woman booking online

5 reasons why your salon needs online booking

12 Nov 2020 by Kitomba

Curious about the benefits of online booking for the hair and beauty industry? Online booking is becoming an expectation for clients and the norm for businesses. The convenience it offers clients, as well as the value it offers salons, spas and clinics has seen it grow in popularity as more people buy products and book services online.

Here are five reasons why you need online booking for your salon, spa or clinic.

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is free salon software really free?

The lowdown on free salon software: is it really free?

10 Nov 2020 by Janelle Cheesman

Some software providers are offering free software for salon, spas and clinics – but is it really free? We investigated free salon scheduling systems to find out, and what we found might surprise you…

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The best marketing channels for salons, spas and clinics

The best marketing channels for salons, spas and clinics

6 Nov 2020 by Kitomba

Salon, spa and clinic owners wear many hats – and marketing is one of them. With so many different channels to choose from, from social media to traditional advertising, it can be difficult to decide which ones to focus your efforts on, and what to put aside.  

To get you started on the path to success, this guide covers the most effective types of marketing channels and activities for salons, spas and clinics, and our top tips for choosing the best marketing tactics for your business.

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Setting targets for your team

How to set targets for your salon, spa or clinic

5 Nov 2020 by Kitomba

Targets are a key component of a profitable and successful business. They motivate and focus your team to achieve goals that can grow your salon, spa or clinic and drive more revenue.

However, if you’re finding setting targets difficult to get your head around, this short guide to targets will demystify service and retail targets and help you get started!

Here we cover all your burning questions about setting sales targets in the hair and beauty industry, as well as what you need to think about when setting targets for your team.

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