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Redeeming vouchers in Kitomba 1

12 Apr 2021 by Kitomba

Vouchers are now an accepted payment type in Kitomba 1 Point-of-Sale, so you can redeem vouchers from anywhere in your salon, spa or clinic.

How it works

Redeeming vouchers is easy! Simply choose Voucher as the payment type when making a sale in Kitomba 1. 

Redeeming vouchers with Kitomba 1 Point-of-Sale


Enter the voucher code to see details about the voucher, such as the balance and expiry date.

Redeeming vouchers with Kitomba 1 Point-of-Sale


Confirm the amount of the voucher that you want to redeem for this appointment, then click the Redeem button. 

Once the sale is completed, the voucher will be automatically updated to reflect the new balance.

Note: Kitomba 1 is ready to accept tracked vouchers immediately, but if you use untracked vouchers in your business, you’ll need to head over to your payment settings and choose the option to allow untracked vouchers to be redeemed.

To learn more about vouchers in Kitomba 1 check out our support guide.

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