Feature release: Stock Reports makeover, Kitomba One accepts Online Bookings… & more!

13 Jun 2014 by Kitomba

The latest feature release from Kitomba includes a refresh of stock reports, Online Bookings can now be accepted in Kitomba One and we’ve made a number of other improvements and bug fixes.

Stock Report makeover in Kitomba

  • We’ve added extra filters to the Stock Statistics, Stock Turnover and Stock Value reports so you have more control over the numbers you report on.
  • Totals have moved to the top of the reports and we’ve updated the general formatting of these reports, so you can get the information you need, fast.

Accept Online Bookings in Kitomba One

Online Booking users can now accept pending Online Bookings in Kitomba One, making it much easier to view and manage those late night / last minute bookings when you’re out of your salon or spa. Don’t have Kitomba One? Upgrade now.

You can now accept Online Bookings in Kitomba One.

Other improvements

  • We’ve introduced a new coding system to improve the reliability of printing and scanning barcodes. This change won’t impact barcodes on current stock, but going forward, printing barcodes will use Kitomba codes rather than manufacturer codes.
  • You’ll now find it easier to provide your clients with a printed quote for your services before their appointment. Just use the new ‘Print Quote’ button in the Prep Sale screen of your Kitomba.
  • Bug fix: Pending Online Bookings in Kitomba could be matched to rooms that were not capable of performing the service. All Online Booking requests that require rooms will now only be pencilled into an available and capable room.
  • Bug fix: Some users have experienced issues where the client name was missing from their appointment and invoices were not showing against the client card.
  • Special note: Microsoft no longer supports XP and Kitomba One does not support Internet Explorer 7 & 8. If you are still using this system or browsers, it’s time to upgrade to ensure Kitomba continues working seamlessly for your business.

This release will be rolled out to all Kitomba customers between 13 June and 25 June 2014.

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