Understanding your target market

The importance of understanding your target market

10 Sep 2020 by Kitomba

Understanding your clients is crucial to successful marketing. If you understand who they are, it will be easier to define what they want and need from your business. So before you even start on your marketing plan, continue reading to find out how to define your target audience so you can develop your brand voice and choose the right marketing channels.

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Why marketing like a boss isn’t enough

9 Apr 2019 by Estelle Carroll

Your Instagram page is hot! Amongst your followers you list people from across the globe and even other industry professionals. You have thousands of Facebook followers, mint photos, gorgeous branding, stunning models, a swag of relatable hashtags. You have so much going on. You’ve got high tech gadgets, luxe fittings and your space looks incredible. You’ve branded everything in sight, from towels and coffee cups to surveys, t-shirts, caps, business cards and vouchers. Everything’s matchy-matchy.

It appears your business is absolutely killing it. But is it?

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