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New Staff Utilisation report in Kitomba 1

29 Jun 2020 by Kitomba

We’ve recently released the new Staff Utilisation report in Kitomba 1. This report gives you a clear picture of your staff utilisation so you can make informed decisions to increase the productivity of your business.  

What it does

The Staff Utilisation report in Kitomba 1 provides you with a summary of each staff person’s utilisation for a specified date range, outlining the ratio between their working and non-working hours. You can view the report by day and staff, which allows you to identify both quiet days and underutilised staff members. If you have multiple sites, you can also view the report by location. This report helps you gain insight into where you can make your business more efficient.

Increase your productivity

Here are some great ways to use the Staff Utilisation report in Kitomba 1 to increase your business productivity:

  • Create more efficient rosters that cater for your busier and quieter days.
  • Make informed business decisions around opening hours, for example reducing open hours on underutilised days.
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns to drive customers to fill gaps in underutilised days or columns.

To check out the Staff Utilisation report, simply go to the Reports section of Kitomba 1 and find it under “Staff”.

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