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New and improved Concessions

5 Dec 2017 by Kitomba

We’ve made some changes and additions to Kitomba Concessions that will improve them for your business.

If you’re a Kitomba Enterprise customer, click here to see how Kitomba Concessions has improved for multi-site salons.

Check out what’s changed, read about the latest features and learn more about this release:

  1. Selling and redeeming Concessions has changed

  2. The way you account for Concessions has changed

  3. Why the way you account for Concessions has changed

  4. New Concessions features

  5. New to Concessions reporting

  6. If you prefer the way Concessions was previously calculated, read this

Selling and redeeming Concessions has changed

Selling a Concession

When you invoice a service that has a Concession option available, Kitomba will now ask if you want to sell a Concession.

Sell concession button

The way you sell a Concession hasn’t changed though – simply open an invoice, select the correct Concession and process the payment. Existing Concessions you’ve set up prior to this change are still available for you to sell too.

Redeeming a Concession

Now when you want to redeem a client’s Concession, simply select the associated service (not the Concession). If the client has a Concession available, Kitomba will ask if you want to redeem a Concession or pay another way. You can see full instructions on how to do this here.

Use concession or pay normally button

If your clients have outstanding Concessions (purchased prior to the release), they’ll still be available for redemption.

Concession discounts

You can discount the sale of a Concession. If you choose to do this, each time a Concession is redeemed, it will show the service with it’s discounted price.

However, you can’t discount a Concession redemption because its already been paid for.

Retail Concessions are no longer available

As this functionality wasn’t highly used and retail products aren’t usually paid for in advance, we no longer support this feature.

If you have clients who have remaining visits for retail Concessions, they’ll no no longer be able to redeem them. If you have any issues with retail Concessions, please get in touch with our support team.

The way you account for Concessions has changed

Now revenue from Concessions is recognised at the time of redemption (not the initial sale):

  • When a Concession is sold, the value and number of Concessions sold will be recorded. However, these sales will not contribute to your overall totals until a Concession is redeemed.

  • When a Concession is redeemed, the redemption will contribute to your overall totals – your total sales will increase as it recognises the revenue from the service and your number of services completed will increase too.

Why the way you account for Concessions has changed

Concessions and Vouchers accounted for in the same way

Concessions are now accounted for in the same way Kitomba deals with Vouchers to make the accounting side of things simpler.

Reward your staff as they complete their work

We’ve made it easy for your staff to be rewarded for the work they’ve done, no matter the way your clients choose to pay.

Now that revenue from a Concession is recognised at the time of redemption, it’s much easier to ensure your staff are rewarded for their work when paying their commission or bonuses.

Staff targets now include Concession redemptions

Because revenue from Concessions is now recognised at the time a client uses a Concession, the revenue will contribute towards the targets of the staff member who completed the service. This more correctly reflects the work that each of your staff complete.

New Concessions features

Give Concessions an expiry date

When you create or edit Concessions, you can now add an expiry date. Remember to add an expiry date to your existing Concessions too.

 Add expiry date

Concessions now available for packages

As well as being able to create Concessions for an individual service, you can also create them for service only or service and retail packages. For example, a manicure and pedicure package.

New to Concessions reporting

All reports will be updated to reflect these changes

We’re updating all of your data and reports to calculate Concessions values in the new way. That way there’s no confusion around which method was used when, whether it’s a Concession purchased before these changes or after.

New Concessions with remaining visits report

This report, available in Kitomba, shows you the number and the value of remaining Concessions, i.e. your liability.

New Concessions balance report

This Kitomba report was created due to the change in the way Kitomba accounts for revenue from Concessions. Depending on how you run your business, this may affect your tax and commission / bonus calculations. To help ensure your payments are correct, we’ve created a report for you to use in conjunction with your accountant, tax or financial advisor. For more details, refer to our support guide.

Business Summary report update

The Business Summary report now has a new Vouchers and Concessions section. Here you can see the number and value of all Vouchers and Concessions sold and redeemed.

Service statistics report update

Now you can choose to report on all your services or Concessions only.

Service statistics report

If you prefer the way Concessions was previously calculated, read this

If you like the way Concessions was previously calculated, you’ll have all the information you need to continue running your business that way.

While Concessions sold will no longer automatically be included in your total sales, the Concessions figure is still available in your Business Summary Report.

Simply add Concessions sold and total sales, then subtract the Concessions redeemed figure. This will give you the number according to the way Concessions were previously accounted for.

For more information about these changes and additions, visit the support guides in the Knowledge base. You can also watch the recording from our Concessions Online Training Session here.

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