Stock, Services and Packages are the centre of any salon, spa or clinic. Check out our resources on how to set up and manage them using Kitomba.


Stock is generally a significant part of a salon, spa or clinic’s overheads, so it’s important to focus on this area. Here you can learn how manage your stock in Kitomba and get some advice on smart stock management.

Getting started

Stock management for multi-site salons, spas and clinics

Stock takes

Stock management tips

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Read some tips on smart stock management
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Mark Luty from Frog Coaching talks about the big business opportunity that is stock



Learn how to correctly set up your services to help you, your staff and your clients book appointments easily.

Creating Services

Adding rooms to a Service

Services for multi-site salons, spas and clinics


Create your own unique packages by bundling together complementary services and retail products to offer to your clients. Packages are a great way to entice your clients to try something new and can provide the perfect gift for special occasions. Learn how to create packages below.

Create and edit a Package

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Create a Package in Kitomba and Kitomba One
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See how to edit an existing Package in Kitomba and Kitomba One

Using Packages

Deleting Packages

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Learn how to delete a Package in Kitomba and Kitomba One

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