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Sell retail online with the help of Support Your Salon

23 Sep 2020 by Kitomba

UPDATE: As of August 2021 Kitomba is no longer integrated with piiq. If you’re interested in using Kitomba and piiq together, please submit a feature request in our forum.

Our partner Piiq has just created a new online retail website to support the Australian hair industry at this time. We’re working with them on their new initiative to make sure Kitomba customers can take full advantage of this opportunity to increase their revenue through online retail sales.

The Support Your Salon platform makes it easy for Australian clients to purchase retail online while still supporting their favourite salon. Clients can purchase a variety of salon retail products, all from the comfort of their homes, and the best part is – every purchase they make puts money in your pocket, without you even lifting a finger!

Why should you join Support Your Salon?

  • When your clients purchase retail through your salon’s unique link, you get a percentage of the sales revenue. 
  • Support Your Salon offers a wide variety of products, plus personalised recommendations so your clients can choose the right products for their hair.
  • Clients can shop online 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you can be earning extra income even when your salon isn’t open.
  • The products ship directly to your client, so there’s no additional work or cost to you, and you don’t have to keep extra stock on hand.

How do Kitomba and Support Your Salon integrate?

Support Your Salon will automatically add your Kitomba Online Booking link onto your retail page, so your clients and potential clients can purchase retail and book an appointment at the same time. 

We’ve also released new functionality that allows you to add a ‘Buy products’ button to your Kitomba Online Booking website – linking directly to your Support Your Salon retail page. This is a great way to encourage clients who are booking an appointment to also check out the retail selections. To do this simply visit Online Booking settings in Kitomba 1 and add your Support Your Salon website address.

Support Your Salon is already helping lots of Australian salons, with over $25,000 in revenue having been passed onto salons from product sales to date. We’d love you to be one of the salons benefiting from this great new opportunity!

Visit their website to learn more about Support Your Salon.

We chatted with Piiq and Support Your Salon CEO and Co-founder Richard Kavanagh all about this new initiative and the benefit it’s had for Australia salons. Check out the video.

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