Kitomba upsell retail feature

Quickly and easily upsell retail products with Kitomba

10 May 2022 by Kitomba

Let Kitomba do the hard work so you can quickly and easily upsell retail products in your salon, spa or clinic. Here’s the rundown on one of our popular features – the upsell retail button! 

Reminder to chat about retail products

When you invoice a client for their appointment, you’ll see one of two buttons prompting your staff to have a conversation with the client about purchasing retail.

Recent retail purchases

If your client has previously purchased retail from you, when you click the Recent retail purchases button you’ll see:

  • The client’s previous purchases (up to five products).
  • How long ago they purchased the products. This is particularly helpful as it can indicate to your staff if it’s likely the client needs to repurchase. 

Recent retail purchases


Kitomba recent retail purchases


Upsell retail

If your client has never bought retail items from you, you can click on the ‘Upsell retail’ button and Kitomba will:

  • Show the top five selling retail products for your business.
  • Tell you how many times each of those products were purchased in the last 6 months.

Upsell retail button


Kitomba upsell retail


Easily add products to the client invoice

If your client would like to purchase a retail item, it’s super easy to add the desired product to their invoice with the “Add” button.

For more help getting started with our upsell retail button, visit our support guide or watch our how-to video:

How to use Kitombas upsell retail feature


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