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Online Booking Update: Staff Selection

4 May 2016 by Kitomba

We’ve made some changes to staff selection in Online Booking. Why? Many of you provided some great feedback on the way it functioned and we realised it wasn’t working as well as it should be – thanks for speaking up! Continue reading…

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Time Warp! How To Be A Tightwad With Your Salon Time

24 Mar 2016 by Lisa Conway

‘I just don’t have the time’. How I’d love a day off for every time I’ve heard this. Yet, it’s a ridiculous statement. Everyone, no matter who you are, has the same 24 hours a day. Every day. What you’re really saying is: I just can’t get my act together. Continue reading…

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New Feature! Your clients can add photos with Online Booking

23 Mar 2016 by Kitomba

We’ve just released photos in Kitomba 1 allowing you to add photos to client cards. This feature is all about developing your team, improving consultations with your clients and having the ability to take them on a style journey.

Now we’re taking it to the next level, and have created a new way to build relationships with your clients and interact with them outside of the salon. Continue reading…

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Are your clients forsaking their regular salon visit for a swanky restaurant meal?

25 Feb 2016 by Lisa Conway

One thing we can rely on is change … and the hair and beauty industry is no exception. A big change over the last few years has been the decline of the regular salon visit. In years gone by, the “six-week regular” was a by-product of the fashion for neat, precise grooming. Today’s fashions are different; fewer women see the need for frequent salon visits. But, I ask you, is the demise of the lock-it-in six-week regular or a change in fashion your biggest challenge? I think not.

Continue reading…


What’s new: Client photos in Kitomba 1

24 Feb 2016 by Kitomba

Today, we’re very excited to introduce client photos in Kitomba 1. This new feature is about more than pretty pictures! It’s about providing your clients with the best consultation. It’s about seeing the skills of your team develop over time. It’s about taking your clients on their own style journey. It’s powerful, and we’re looking forward to see how you’re going to put it to use. Continue reading…

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Does your salon software package have the wow factor?

9 Feb 2016 by Lisa Conway

How critical is good software to your salon? My answer: it depends. What does it depend on? It depends on how serious you are about growing your business. Because, like most things the wow factor in software systems is in the eye of the beholder. Continue reading…

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Introducing Kitomba University!

3 Feb 2016 by Kitomba

We’re very pleased to introduce you to Kitomba University! You have now been officially enrolled to receive the very best in training. Kitomba University isn’t an internationally renowned educational facility and it certainly doesn’t offer official qualifications. However what it does provide is weekly online interactive training with our experts, self learning tools and useful resources to help our customers become Kitomba masters and be more successful.

Continue reading…


MailChimp & Kitomba: Email Marketing Made Simple

27 Jan 2016 by Kitomba

Here at Kitomba, we love using MailChimp! We even use it for our own newsletters and email campaigns. In fact, it’s so good that we decided to integrate it with Kitomba 1. Continue reading…

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Setting goals: Think big, act small, move quick

25 Jan 2016 by Alyssa Dowsett

This blog was updated on 19 December 2018.

We all want to be successful, and setting goals is a huge component of long-term success, as research shows a direct link between goals and enhanced performance in business.  Continue reading…


2015 at Kitomba

21 Jan 2016 by Kitomba

We had a big year at Kitomba. We built a bunch of awesome features, hired some great new team-members, and launched our new look Online Booking system! Continue reading…