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Keep your salon busy this winter

7 Jul 2016 by Alyssa Dowsett

Winter’s well and truly set in, so getting your clients to leave their nice warm homes to come and visit you isn’t an easy task! So we’ve come up with five tips on how to get your clients through the door this winter:

1. Promote your winter products

Hair and skin suffers in winter conditions, so use this to your advantage. Promote the products you stock that your clients should be using during this time of the year. Ensure your staff are up to date with what these products are and why they are beneficial for your clients to use, then they’re prepared to upsell during each appointment. And why not send an email to your clients or post on social media about them too – that way clients will come in asking for them.

2. Contact your customers

Send a text or email (depending on your client’s preference) to those that haven’t visited in the last 6 months. If you’re a little quieter it’s the perfect time to let them know you’re still here and remind them to book in an appointment. We suggest starting your email with a message about why it’s positive to visit during winter, for example “shake the winter blues and feel great by booking an appointment with us”.

3. Use your socials

Share some photos of hair-up ideas, or styles that look good with a winter hat, on social media. It’ll provide your clients with a bit of extra value from you (remember you’re the expert) as they’ll see how to style their hair so they still look good even when it’s pouring with rain. And it could remind them they need to book in a cut too!

4. Get ahead of the rush

Have you found lots of your clients are going on holiday to escape the winter weather? Why not send an email campaign using MailChimp reminding them to book in advance of their holiday so they’re organised, get their preferred appointment time and are looking fantastic for their holiday.  

5. Cosy winter escape

Ensure your salon is a haven away from the cold winter days. Remember your clients have had to leave their cosy homes and probably run in the rain to get to your salon, but if they know they’re going to be visiting a lovely warm salon then it’ll make the thought a lot easier. Why not create a winter drinks menu to add to the experience – a delicious hot chocolate with marshmallows or a hot blackcurrant are sure to make them forget about the rain.

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