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Online Booking just got smarter

16 Apr 2019 by Kitomba

Today we’ve released some updates that make Online Booking even smarter and allow for even more customisation.

Online Booking advanced notice

You now have the option to choose exactly how close to an appointment clients can make online bookings. This will replace the current “Allow same day bookings” checkbox.

Online Booking advanced notice

So what does this mean for you?

  • If you currently allow same day bookings, your preference has been set to allow bookings 1 hour in advance. This is the same as it previously worked.
  • If you don’t allow same day bookings, your preference has been set to allow bookings 12 hours in advance.

Variable staff speed in Online Bookings

If you have set up variable staff speeds for services, Online Booking is now smarter and will take this into consideration.

For you, it means appointments will automatically be booked in for the exact amount of time a team member needs to complete a service.

For your clients, if you’ve selected the ‘Show service durations’ preference, they’ll be able to see how long a service takes depending on the staff member.

Online Booking with varied speeds

Smart availability sorting

We’ve also made Online Booking even smarter! Now, when your clients choose to book an appointment with ‘Anyone’, Online Booking will automatically book them in with the staff member who has the most time available in their calendar on that date.

To learn more about these new Online Booking settings, visit our support guide.

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  1. Apologies I posted on the wrong blog post before. We have a few clients for Internet Marketing Auckland in this industry. Can this online booking system be integrated in a wordpress website?

    • Hi Paul & Rish
      It’s not possible to integrate Kitomba into a WordPress site and we don’t support the use of iframes as it really negatively impacts the online booking functionality. We recommend our customers include a button on their website linking to their online booking site and then use Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics to track visitors between their main website and online bookings.

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