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Send forms to your clients to complete before their appointment

17 Nov 2020 by Kitomba

Now you can send customised digital forms by email or sms – allowing your clients to complete their forms whenever and wherever they choose, while reducing visit times, waiting room contact and the use of shared devices. 

This is additional functionality for our Forms feature, which is included in Kitomba’s Platinum and Diamond packages. 

Send forms to your clients

Create a streamlined client experience by sending your clients their forms in advance. It’s easy:

  1. Add the desired form(s) to your client’s appointment.
  2. Click the ‘Send forms’ button to instantly send a link to your client to complete the form(s) online whenever they choose.
  3. Once your client has filled in the form(s), they’ll be waiting for you to review in Kitomba 1.

Check out this video see how to complete forms either in person or by sending to your clients in advance:

Getting started with Forms

If you’re not already using Kitomba’s customisable digital forms, there are so many reasons to give it a try:

  • Easily gather information and consent from your clients, either in person or online before their appointment.
  • Go digital to reduce the administration and waste associated with paper forms and make your business more sustainable.
  • Keep sensitive client information safe, secure and easily accessible from Kitomba. 

Getting started is easy! You could begin by transforming one of your paper forms into a convenient digital format, or try designing a brand new form to help with client consultations. 

For help getting started with Forms, visit our support guides or check out the recording of our facebook live all about Forms.

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