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Go digital with Kitomba’s newest feature: Forms

5 Nov 2019 by Kitomba

Create your own customised digital forms for client consultations, consent and to collect information such as medical history.

Forms is a new feature, included in Kitomba’s Platinum and Diamond packages. 

How Forms works

  1. Build your own forms, including all the information you need your clients to read, and the questions you need answered. The form builder makes it easy to add questions, pictures, spaces for signatures and so much more. 
  2. Once they’re created, you’ll be able to add the appropriate forms to your client’s appointment in Kitomba 1. 
  3. Clients and staff can easily complete the forms on any device. You can even add images during your client consultation, and draw on them to mark areas of concern or treatment plans. 
  4. Forms will be automatically saved to the Client Card, ensuring easy access to the information whenever you need it. 

Kitomba consultation forms on an ipad

Why you should use Forms

There are so many reasons to use Forms:

  • Easily gather information and consent from your clients.
  • Go digital to reduce the administration and waste associated with paper forms and make your business more sustainable.
  • Keep sensitive client information safe, secure and easily accessible from Kitomba. 

Even if you’re not currently using forms in your business, check out our blog about the benefits of incorporating forms into your client consultation

Get started with Forms

Getting started is easy! You could begin by transforming one of your paper forms into a convenient digital format, or try designing a brand new form to help with client consultations. 

For help getting started with Forms, visit our support guides.

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  1. Hi all. Great addition to Kitomba!
    Is there a way to send (a link) a form to a client to fill in before their appointment?


  2. This is great but I agree with Jeff. It would be a huge benefit if the form could be sent automatically when someone books online

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