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Creating the right first impression on Facebook

14 Oct 2014 by Paul Gray

Facebook is an easy and fast way to engage with your clients. It’s great if you have a Facebook page, but only if it’s set up correctly and kept up-to-date. Sometimes simple things can be overlooked when it comes to managing and setting up your Facebook page. Here are five tips to get your page looking sharp:

  1. About page: The about page has several sections where you can highlight all the great things about your salon or spa. This page is very important as it’s indexed by Google – this means if you have a descriptive, keyword-rich ‘about’ section, you’re more likely to be found on Google. Don’t forget to add the link to your website in the about section too!

  2. Cover photo: Cover photos are the first thing people see when they land on your page. People judge your salon on first impressions so you need to get it right. Make sure you use a clean, bold image that is consistent with your salon branding. You can also include text on your cover photo, but keep the message clear and brief, such as your salon name. Want to create a unique cover image for free and to Facebook’s exact size requirements? Check out PicMonkey.Kitomba: Facebook cover photo size

  3. Using images: People love photos! It’s been proven that having a photo will increase your engagement by 53%. This means that you should be making a real effort to use high-quality, engaging images on your Facebook posts. Check out this infographic for getting Facebook image sizing right.

  4. Facebook booking: Half of all online bookings happen outside of business hours! Facebook Booking gives your clients the freedom to make an appointment at their leisure, regardless of business opening hours. To get started with Kitomba Facebook booking, check out our mini guide or get in touch.

  5. Quality over quantity: Make sure that every Facebook post counts. You will have an idea of what your clients enjoy and you need to ensure your posts will keep your followers coming back for more. If you are stuck for ideas, here are some popular post ideas that you can try out:

    • Client before and after posts
    • The latest trends
    • Profile your salon’s stylists/therapists
    • Tips to keep clients hair/skin looking beautiful after their appointment
    • Don’t forget to keep an eye on what others are posting too.

We would love to hear how your salon or spa uses Facebook. Get in touch if you have any Facebook success stories you would like to share with us.

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    • Hi Marii,
      Unfortunately Facebook does not support any Apps on its mobile platform. But there are two ways you can let your clients know that you accept online bookings:
      1. You can pin a post to the top of your Facebook page so that it’s the first post that people see when they land on your page.
      2. You could also put a link to your online booking website in the about section on your Facebook.
      Let us know if you need any help:-)

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