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Are you planning for profit?

27 Jul 2015 by Brenda Perham

When you own or work in the hair and beauty industry it’s easy to let your feelings and emotions run your business rather than your numbers. Continue reading…

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4 great tools for D.I.Y marketing

16 Jun 2015 by Brenda Perham

The marketing world is fast paced and ever changing. Social media is a big driver of this and we now have numerous platforms Continue reading…

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New clients… the lifeblood of your business

14 May 2015 by Brenda Perham

Once upon a time in “the good ole days” we used to rock along to work, do some great hair and have fun with our clients, everything else just fell into place Continue reading…

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Have you found your marketing mojo for 2015?

25 Mar 2015 by Brenda Perham

In the good ole days (at least 20 years ago) marketing your salon or spa was pretty much a no brainer, the only options were Yellow Pages (or White Pages if you’re Australian!) and the newspaper.

Continue reading…

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6 simple tips to keep the cash flowing!

12 Mar 2015 by Brenda Perham

Cash management is a vital component of healthy business practice! Here’s a few simple guidelines for client invoicing and payments:

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Measure productivity to improve profitability

25 Feb 2015 by Brenda Perham

Lack of productivity can be a killer for any small to medium sized business. Unfortunately the cost of running your business is only ever likely to increase Continue reading…

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The recipe for happy clients

5 Feb 2015 by Brenda Perham

As business owners we all know the value of “word of mouth” advertising. We love it, it’s essentially free and we have the ability to attract new clients that come from the same “tribe” as our existing clients…perfect! Continue reading…

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Simplify and streamline your marketing with Kitomba

23 Jan 2015 by Brenda Perham

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion” – Micheal Hyatt. The idea of “marketing” to clients can be a bit daunting for a lot of hair & beauty business owners, where to start, what to do and how to do it. Continue reading…

Pricing Kitomba Blog feature

Simple secrets to get your pricing right

7 Nov 2014 by Brenda Perham

“The moment you make a mistake in pricing, you’re eating into your reputation or your profits.” – Katharine Paine

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Xmas blog post Kitomba  feature

Get prepared for the busy season with these great tips

31 Oct 2014 by Brenda Perham

We are definitely on the countdown to Christmas with just under 8 weeks to go. Personally I would like to know who has been tampering with time as it seems like only yesterday I was welcoming in 2014! Continue reading…